Bio Lab 9

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  1. animals characteristics
    motile, multicellular, consume oxygen, lack cell wall, heterotrophic
  2. when Amimals rose
    565 million years ago
  3. only animals that lack tissues
    Sponges- Porifera
  4. animals with radial cymmetry
    Cnidaria and Ctenophora
  5. what animals are coelomates
    Mollusca, Annelida, Arthropoda, Echinodermata and Chordata
  6. coelomates
    body cavity lined with mesoderm
  7. body cavity of flatworms
    acoelomate (no body cavity
  8. what animals are pseudocoelomates
    • rotifers and roundworms (Nematoda)
    • body caviy lined partialy with endoderm and partially with mesoderm
  9. 2 groups of Coelomate animales based on embryological development
    protostome- embryonic blastopoe structure develops into the mouth, which have a ventral nerve cord

    deuterostome- embryonic blastopore structure develops into the anus, which have a dorsal nerve cord
  10. ascoelmate
    an organism with 3 germ layers but no body cavity
  11. pseudocoelomatecoelomate
    an organism with three germ layers and a body cavity between the digestive tract (endoderm) and the muscle (mesoderm)an organism with 3 germ layers and a body cavity which is completely lined with muscle (mesoderm). Organs are covered with mesodermally derived tissues and are suspended in the coelomic fluid, which protects them from impact. The coelom allows internal organs (ex: digestive tract, heart) to move independently of body wall
  12. types of body support
    • external skeleton
    • Internal skeleton
    • Hydrostatic Skeleton- support is provided in fluid contained in bodys compartments
    • Muscles
  13. reproduction types
    • sexual- Monoecious (each has both male and female parts)
    • asexual- budding, transverse fission
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