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  1. moxa functions
    • moves qi, quickens the blood, stops pain
    • warms the channels
    • nourishes qi and xue (yin)
    • expels evils (cold, heat, wind)
    • transforms and eliminates dampness
    • induces the smooth flow of qi and xue
    • strengthens yang from collapse
    • repositions the fetus
    • prevents disease, nourishes life, boosts longevity, strengthens body, maintains health
  2. indications for moxa use
    • external w\c attack
    • wind\cold\damp\bi
    • damp in sp\st (vomit, diarrhea)
    • digestive disorders
    • sp\kid yang xu
    • yang xu, yin xu, qi xu, xue xu, qi stasis, xue stasis
    • fainting (ren 8)
    • cough, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, insomnia
    • skin disorders
    • migraine
    • asthma, weezing
    • prolapsed uterus, rectum, bladder
    • acute or chronic conditions
    • breech baby
    • fever
  3. moxa cautions
    • ren 14, ren 15
    • very young, very old
    • constitution of person - weak or fearful
    • close to face, mucous membrane
    • over areas that are numb
    • patient unable to hold still
    • patients with compromised immune system
    • if small blister forms, leave to reabsorb
  4. moxa contraindications
    • UB 1, ST 1, ST 17, Ren 17
    • abdomen or lumbo sacral region on pregnant women
    • high fever
    • sever heat due to yin xu with a feeble, rapid pulse
    • on mucous membranes
    • on creases or folds of skin
    • on sensory organs (direct)
    • over large blood vessels, arteries (st 9)
    • no scarring moxa on face, head, or breast
    • on women with profuse menses unless to slow it down
  5. side effects if overdo moxa
    • ren 14, ren 15 cause a weak heart
    • too much on head - loss of essence
    • too much on limbs- dries out blood vessels leads to weak and thin limbs
    • too much head and limbs- qi and xue become depleted in lower body
  6. moxa safety best practices
    • communicate with patient
    • always be present, aware, alert
    • never leave the room
    • check skin temp frequently
  7. accident procedure for moxa
    • be calm
    • make sure moxa is out
    • call supervisor into room
    • clean area gently
    • refer to allopathic doctor
    • check on patient later
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