Pulse Diagnosis

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  1. Choppy - pulse feels unsmooth while coming and going, like the scraping of bamboo with a knife
    Pulse of Abnormal Rate (slow)
    Slow, Choppy, Uneven rate and fine
    • Blood, Essence or Body Fluid Def
    • Qi and Blood Stag.
  2. Deep - pulse feels distinct only on heavy pressing
    Pulse of Abnormal Depth (deep)
    • Interior syndrome
    • Interior def - deep and feeble (in strength)
    • Interior excess - deep and energetic (in strength)
    • Water swelling
    • Def Cold
  3. Feeble - pulse feels soft, feeble, and hollow
    Pulse of Abnormal Force (without force)
    Large, floating
    • Qi and Blood Def
    • Body Fluid Depletion
  4. Firm - pulse feels replete, energetic, long, and slightly stringly; can only be felt on heavy pressing
    Pulse of Abnormal Depth (deep)
    Deep, Hard, Fixed
    • Internal accumlation of Yin Cold
    • Hernia
    • Mass in the abdomen (lower jiao)
  5. Floating - pulse feels distinct only on light touch and slightly weakened on pressing
    "Wood floating on water"
    Pulse of Abnormal Depth (superficial)
    • Exterior syndrome (typically excessive)
    • Def syndrome
    • Upward escape of Yang Qi - pathogens on superficial level
  6. Flooding - pulse feels full and large, coming vigorously like waves surging and going gently
    "Tide / Waves"
    Pulse of Abnormal Force (with force)
    • Exuberance of Qi and Blood, hyperactive Fire
    • Febrile Heat / Excess in Qi level
  7. Full - pulse feels vigourous in coming and going, and energetic on light or heavy touch
    Pulse of Abnormal Force (with force)
    Forceful on all 3 levels and all 3 positions
    Excess syndrome
  8. Hasty - pulse feels hasty and rapid, with irregular intermittence
    Pulse of Abnormal Rhythm (Rapid)
    • Exuberance of Excess Heat
    • Stagnation of Qi and Blood
    • Retention of Phlegm fluid
    • Overeating (food retention, indigestion)
  9. Hidden - pulse feels deeper than the deep pulse and it can be felt only on pressing hard to the bone
    Pulse of Abnormal Depth (deep)
    Deep, Hard, Fixed
    • Syncope
    • Severe Pain
    • Internal blockage due to pathogenic evils
  10. Hollow - pulse feels floating, large and hollow like the leaf of a chinese scallion
    Pulse of Abnormal Depth (superficial)
    • Sudden, profuse loss of blood
    • Critical depletion of Yin
  11. Hurries - pulse whose frequency is about 120-140 bpm
    Pulse of Abnormal Rate (rapid)
    • Hyperactive Yang
    • Exhaustion of Yin
  12. Indistinct - pulse feels extremely soft and thready, discernible at one moment, indistinct at another
    Pulse of Abnormal Force (without force)
    • Yang collapse
    • Extreme exhaustion of Qi and Blood
  13. Intermittent - pulse feels weak and slow, with pausing at regular intervals
    If a beat is missing, there is no compensation (i.e. if there a missing beat, then the following beats contain no rapidness for compensation)
    Pulse of Abnormal Rhythm
    • Heart disorder
    • Organ def
  14. Knotted - pulse which is slow with irregular intervals
    If a beat is missing, there is compensation (i.e. Out of 6 beat, you can feel the first beat, second is missing, then more rapid the rest)
    Pulse of Abnormal Rhythm
    Qi and Blood Stag
  15. Leather - pulse feels floating, stringy, exteriorly taut and interiorly hollow, like a drum surface
    Pulse of Abnormal Depth (superficial)
    Loss of blood (such as in premature labor, metrorrhagia, spermatorrhea)
  16. Long - pulse feels extending longer than cun-guan-chi
    Pulse of Abnormal Form
    • Long and moderate pulse - healthy state
    • Long and stiff pulse - pathogenic vs antipathogenic
  17. Moderate - pulse with diminished tension and moderate frequency
    Pulse of Abnormal Rate (slow)
    "floating at the yang (superficial), weak at the yin (deep)"
    • Qi def, esp. Wei Qi
    • Healthy state (but def pattern)
    • Dampness
    • Spleen and Stomach def.
  18. Moving - pulse feels slippery, rapid, and energetic, like a bouncing pea
    Pulse of Abnormal Rate (rapid)
    • Frightened state
    • Pain
    • Pregnancy
  19. Rapid - pulse whose frequency is faster than 90 bpm
    Pulse of Abnormal Rate (rapid)
    • Heat syndrome
    • Rapid and feeble - def type
    • Rapid and energetic - excess type
  20. Scattered - pulse feels floating, diffusing on light touch and faint on heavy pressing; irregular rhythm
    Pulse of Abnormal Depth (superficial)
    • Heart Qi exhaustion
    • failure of Qi in organ
    • Yuan Qi exhaustion
  21. Short - pulse which is distinct only at guan or of a short extent
    Pulse of Abnormal Form
    • Short and feeble - Qi and / or Blood def
    • Short and energetic - depression of vital energy; acc of phlegm; dyspepsia (indigestion)
  22. Slippery - pulse feels slippery while it comes and goes
    Pulse of Abnormal Rate (rapid)
    • Excess syndrome
    • Phelgm present (not damp) - Dyspepsia (indigestion); Pregnancy
    • Food retention
    • Excess Heat
  23. Slow - pulse whose frequency is less than 60 bpm
    Pulse of Abnormal Rate (slow)
    • Cold syndrome
    • Slow and feeble - def type
    • Slow and energetic - excess type
  24. Soggy - pulse feels floating, thready, and soft on light touch, but faint on heavy pressing
    Pulse of Abnormal Depth (superficial)
    • Def syndrome
    • Dampness
  25. Thready - pulse feels thin and feeble, yet easily perceptible
    Pulse of Abnormal Form
    Qi and Blood exhaustion or other types of def
  26. Tight - pulse feels tense and energetic, like a cord stretched thight
    Pulse of Abnormal Force (with force)
    • Cold
    • Pain
    • Water retention in body
  27. Weak - pulse feels extremely soft, feeble, and thready; can only be felt on heavy pressing
    Pulse of Abnormal Force (without force)
    Qi and Blood def
  28. Wiry - pulse feels straight and long, like the string of a musical instrument
    Pulse of Abnormal Form
    • Qi Stagnation
    • Hyperactive Liver and Gallbladder
    • Pain
    • Retention of Phlegm or Fluid
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