CH13 Vocabulary

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  1. bas/o/phil
    white bld cell dark stain granules, basic dyes
  2. hyp/o/chronic
    p/t difficiency of color/reduct of hemoglobin in RBC
  3. anti/coagulant
    substance wrks agnst coagulating (bld clotting)
  4. cyt/o/logy
    study of cell
  5. erythr/o/cyt/o/penia
    immature RBC
  6. granul/o/cyte
    WBC w/ lrg dark staining granules in cytoplasm
  7. hem/o/lysis
    destruction of blood cells
  8. hemat/o/crit
    seperation of blood % of RBC in a given vol. of blood
  9. hem/o/globin/o/pathy
    disease of abnrml hemoglobin (sickel cell anemia)
  10. anis/o/cyt/o/sis
    abnrml cond of uneequal size in RBC
  11. mega/kary/o/cyte
    cell w/ multi lrg nucleoi, immature platelet
  12. leuk/o/cyt/o/penia
    difficiency of WBC
  13. mon/o/cyte
    WBC w/ one lrg mucleus; granulocyte/phagocyte
  14. morph/o/logy
    study of shape or form of blood cells
  15. myel/o/blast
    bone marrow cell develops to myelocyte --> leukocyte
  16. myel/o/genous
    produced by the bone marrow
  17. neutr/o/penia
    difficiency of neutrophils
  18. mon/o/nuclear
    p/t having one nucleus
  19. poly/morph/o/nuclear
    p/t WBC w/ multi-lobe nucleus
  20. phag/o/cyte
    cell that injest other cells microorganisms
  21. poikil/o/cyt/o/sis
    irregularlity in the shape of RBC
  22. sider/o/penia
    difficiency in iron in sidero
  23. spher/o/cyt/o/sis
    abnrml cond RBC assume rounded shape
  24. thromb/o/cyt/o/penia
    difficiency of clotting cell
  25. plasma/phere/sis
    removal of plasma from rest of blood from mechanical means
  26. leuk/a/phere/sis
    removal of WBC frm rest of blood & give the rest back
  27. platelet/phere/sis
    removal of whole blood and the rest is returned to the donor
  28. mon/o/blast
    immature WBC
  29. erythr/o/blast
    nucleated cells normally found only in bone marrow that develop into erythrocytes
  30. my/o/dis/plasia
    abnrml develop of bone marrow cell, pre-leukemic
  31. macr/o/cyt/o/sis
    abnrml cond slight increase in #s of macrocytes; RBC lrgr than nrml
  32. micr/o/cyt/o/sis
    abnrl cond #s of micrcytes, RBC smaller than nrml
  33. leuk/emia
    abnrml cond of WBC; increase #s in maglignant cell
  34. hem/o/globin
    blood protein in RBC, enables to carry O2 & iron
  35. immun/o/globulin
    protein produced by plasma cell acts to protect body by developing antigens
  36. thromb/o/sis
    abnrml cond. of clotting
  37. granul/o/cyt/o/penia
    difficiency of granuleocytes (WBC)
  38. pan/cyt/o/penia
    difficiency of all blodd cells
  39. macr/o/phage
    lrg cell in blood /tissue that engulf other cells; derived frm monocyte
  40. eosin/o/phil/ia
    increase #s eosionphils
  41. neutr/o/phil/ia
    increase #s neutrophils
  42. electr/o/phore/sis
    seperation of proteins in solution by using electric current; seperate serum, urine, cerebral spinal fluid
  43. hemat/o/poi/esis
    formation of blood cells
  44. erythr/o/poi/esis
    formation of RBC
  45. myel/o/poi/esis
    formation of bone marrow
  46. hem/o/stat/sis
    stoppage of flow of blood
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