Biology I Lab 3 Test

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    1) What kind of tissue was used to
    obtain the DNA?

    2) What was the purpose of grounding
    with sand?

    3) What was in the filtrate
    following filtration?

    4) What happened when the
    dishwashing liquid was added?

    5) What happened next when 95%
    ethanol was added?

    6) What did the isolated DNA look
    like in the test tube?
    • 1) Thymus Gland
    • 2) To break down the plasma membrane of the Thymus
    • 3) Water, nuclei, and cellular debris
    • 4) It broke down the nuclear membrane, releasing the DNA (not visible to the nakedeye)
    • 5) Caused the DNA to precipitate out. (visible)
    • 6) White stringy material
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  10. Thyroid CheckImage Upload
    •Taster TT Tt

    •Non-Taster tt
  11. 5 events that need to occur to maintain Hardy Weinberg equilibrium
    • 1) no gene flow
    • 2) no genetic drift
    • 3) no mutations
    • 4) mating is random
    • 5) no natural selection
    • Evolution is not occurring!
  12. Name 5 events that change gene/allele frequencies.
    • 1) gene flow
    • 2) genetic drift
    • 3) mutations
    • 4) mating is not random
    • 5) natural selection does occur.
    • Evolution taking place!
  13. What part of the equation represents the following:
    1) Frequency of the homozygous dominant genotype?
    2) Frequency of the heterozygous genotype?
    3) Frequency of the recessive genotype?

    Consider the equation dealing with allele frequencies:
    p + q = 1

    Whatpart of the equation represents the following:

    Frequency of the dominant allele?

    Frequency of the recessive allele?
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