Module 06 test Review

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  1. A roof that is elevated in the center and with an angular slope to the edges is called a _____________ roof.
    pitched / gabled
  2. The primary fire hazard in fire resistive construction is the:
    contents of the structure
  3. Spalling of concrete could lead to early collapse in Type I buildings because:
    reinforced steel is exposed to the heat of the fire.
  4. Fire fighters should know that fire in Type V construction presents high potential for _______ ________ within the ___________.
    fire extension / building
  5. The type of construction made up of solid heavy timber or laminated wood?
    Type IV
  6. Wire reinforced glass may provide some thermal protection as a separation. However, for the most part, conventional glass is ____________ ____________ ___________ to ____________ _____________.
    not an effective barrier / fire extension
  7. A wall used to divide two adjacent structures and also could be used as a fire wall is a _______ ______.
    Party wall
  8. Fire extension can be reduced considerably by placing ______ ______ inside concealed spaces, such as pipe chases.
    fire stops.
  9. Construction featuring exterior walls and structural members that are noncombustible or of limited combustible materials without additional fire-resistant protection is _________ construction.
    Type III
  10. Cantilever walls are:
    Free-standing walls
  11. Knowing the effect of the fire on common building materials is important since it provides fire fighters with an idea of what to expect during fire fighting operations at a particular __________.
  12. The structural elements of buildings of Type I construction are generally required to have a fire resistive rating of ________ hours:
    3 to 4
  13. A type of wood framing that has vertical channels going from floor to floor, allowing fire to travel uninterrupted is a ______ frame construction.
    Balloon frame
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