Brave New World Characters

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  1. John
    • Son of the director and Linda
    • Grew up outside the World State
    • Outcast in the New Mexico Savage Reservation & in World State
    • His worldview comes from Shakespear plays
  2. Bernard Marx
    • Alpha Male
    • Outcast because of his inferior physical stature
    • Holds unorthodox beliefs about sex and World State morals
    • Lenina only uses him
    • Hypocrite
  3. Helmholtz Watson
    • Bernard looks up to him
    • Alpha lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering
    • Criticizes World State
    • Looked up upon
  4. Lenina Crowne
    • A desirable figure to Men (Ideal World State Woman)
    • "Gets Around"
  5. Mustapha Mond
    • Used to be independent-minded scientist
    • The Resident World Controller of Western Europe
    • Very Powerful
    • Reads Shakespeare and Religious Writings
    • Strong World State Orthodox Beliefs
  6. Fanny Crowne
    • Lenina's friend
    • Very orthodox and voices that out
    • She warns Lenina to have more than one man so it does not look bad
  7. Henry Foster
    • Perfectly conventional Alpha Male
    • One of Lenina's many lovers
    • Bernard is jealous of him
  8. Linda
    • John's mother
    • Beta
    • While visiting Savage Reservation, she became pregnant with Director's son John
    • Ashamed to return to World State with baby
  9. The Director
    • Administrates the Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre
    • Has power to exile Bernard to Iceland
    • Secretly vulnerable because he has a son(John)
  10. Popé
    • Linda's lover in the Savage Reservation
    • Gave Linda Shakespeare Books
  11. The Warden
    • Talkative chief administrator for the New Mexico Savage Reservation.
    • Alpha
  12. Mitsima
    • Indian
    • Taught John to make clay pots
  13. The Arch-Community-Songster
    • Powerful man who meets first with Lenina
    • Equivalent to Archbishop in World State
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