vocab 12

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  1. antagonistic (adj.)
    [an tag f nist ik]
    opposing; competitive; adversarial. Although he really did not want an armed confrontation, the Dictator’s threats made him seem more antago- nistic than he was.
  2. antithesis (n)
    [an tith f sis]
    direct or exact opposite. Jack Spratt, who ate no fat, is the an- tithesis of his wife, who ate no lean.
  3. bolster (v)
    [bol stfr]
    to support or prop up. Massive amounts of money contributions from foreign countries could not bolster the bankrupt economy of the former Soviet Un- ion.
  4. deviate (v)
    [de ve at]
    to move away from normal behavior or action. Surprised by the ap- pearance of ghost of King Hamlet, the guards deviated from their usual routine of chal- lenge and counter-challenge.
  5. enigmatic (adj.)
    [en ig mat ik]
    puzzling or obscure.“A smile that was at once worldly, wan, and enigmatic.”(J. D. Salinger)
  6. fluctuate (v)
    [fluk choo at]
    to vary irregularly; to rise and fall. “Prices fluctuated violently from the irregularity of the crops.” (Lesley B. Simpson)
  7. humility (n)
    [hyoo mil f te]
    lack of pride; modesty. Sometimes we wondered if her humili- ty was due to her modesty, or if it came from a low self-image.
  8. impartial (adj.)
    [im pär shfl]
    fair; unprejudiced. Since the judge of the baking contest was the mother-in-law of the first prize winner a violent debate ensued whether her decision was impartial..
  9. legacy (n)
    [leg f se]
    something handed down from an ancestor or from the past, esp. mon- ey or property. Although they were poor all their lives, her parents left her a legacy of pride in their family traditions.
  10. pretentious (adj.)
    [pri ten shfs]
    claiming merit, esp. when unjustified; making an extrava- gant outer show. It might be pretentious to say that Monte Vista has the best academic performance in the district, except that our test results surpass the other schools.
  11. renounce (v)
    [ri nouns]
    to give up (a title, for example); to reject; disown. The Duke of Windsor decided to renounce his crown in order to marry his sweetheart, the divorced American Wallis Simpson.
  12. scanty (adj.)
    [skan te]
    barely sufficient or adequate. The crew of H.M.S. Bounty , used to the modest clothing of 18th century England, were startled by the scanty apparel of the na- tives of Tahiti.
  13. symmetry (n)
    [sim f tre]
    correspondence between items; balance; equivalence; propor- tion. The symmetry of the twin spires of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris contributes to the feeling of balance and equilibrium of the church as a whole.
  14. unobtrusive (adj.)
    [un fb troo siv]
    not readily noticeable. Her entrance into the room was so unobtrusive that no one noticed she had entered.
  15. whimsical (adj.)
    [hwim zi kfl]
    playful; odd or unusual; fantastic. “Ichabod became the ob- ject of whimsical persecution to Bones and his gang of rough riders.” (Washington Irving)
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