Brave New World Vocab

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  1. Bokanovskified
    • Human Reproduction/Cloning
    • Egg splits
  2. Decanting
    "Born" in World State
  3. Effusive
    Expressing Gratitude in an unrestrained manner(Looked down upon in BNW)
  4. Erotic
    Affected by sexual desire
  5. Hierarchy(Caste)
    • Alpha - Smartest
    • Beta - 2nd smartest
    • Gamma - 3rd smartest
    • Elipson - dumbest
  6. Hypnopaedia
  7. Incessant
  8. Incoherent
    Lacking clarity usually because of stress
  9. Maudlin
    Tearfully sentimental
  10. Pneumatic
    Air powered
  11. Promiscuous
    (Good thing in BNW)
  12. Pseudo-religious
    Appears religious? More than one religion?
  13. Self-indulgence
    Self-indulgence was looked highly upon. World State is about being stabily happy
  14. Senility
    Characteristic of old age
  15. strumpet
    Sex slave
  16. Spasmode
    Outbursts and sudden violence
  17. Tactual
    Relating to being touched
  18. Viviparous
    Giving birth from mother
  19. Voluptuous
    Sensual pleasure; pleasure to senses
  20. Soma
    Drug of instant gratification
  21. Conditioning
    training them into who they were built to be
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