Ch14 Vocabulary

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  1. auto/immune disease
    chronic disabling disease body produces antibodies agnst own body cells & tissues
  2. immun/o/globulin
    protein that acts to protect body by destroying antigen
  3. immun/o/suppression
    suppression/stopping of immune response
  4. lymph/o/poi/esis
    formation of lymp
  5. lymph/edema
    swelling of tissue due to accumulation of lymph fluids in intracell spaces
  6. lymph/o/cyt/o/penia
    difficiency of lymphocytes in the blood
  7. lymph/oid
    derived/resembling lymph tissue
  8. lymph/a/den/itis
    inflam of lymph nodes
  9. lymph/a/den/o/pathy
    disease of lympd nodes
  10. splen/o/megaly
    enlargment of spleen
  11. splen/ectomy
    removal of spleen
  12. hyper/splen/ism
    syndrome enlargment of spleen; blood cell destruction
  13. thy/moma
    maglignant tumor of thymus gland
  14. toxic
    p/t poison
  15. ana/phylax/is
    exagerrated hyposensitivity to protein
  16. inter/stitial fluid
    p/t fluids lies b/t body cells; eventually becomes lymph nodes
  17. a/splen/ia
    abscense of spleen
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