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  1. anterior/cranial
    towards the head
  2. posterior/caudal
    towards the rear
  3. distal vs. proximal
    • distal=further from the central axis
    • proximal=closer to central axis
  4. dorsal vs. ventral
    • dorsal=towards the back
    • ventral=away from the back, towards the belly
  5. frontal, sagittal, transverse
    • frontal=front&back
    • sagittal=divides the body into right&left portions
    • transverse=divides the body into upper and lower portions
  6. medial vs. lateral
    • medial=towards middle or median plane
    • lateral=away from middle or median plane
  7. rostral
    most forward portion of the body
  8. superior vs. inferior
    • superior=toward the top of the vertical plane
    • inferior=away from the top of the vertical plane
  9. thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic
    • thoracic=cranial region
    • abdominal=middle region
    • pelvic=rear region
  10. axial and appendicular
    • axial=bones that lie along central axis of the body
    • appendicular=bones that lie outside of the central axis
  11. adduction&abduction
    • adduction=moving arms towards the body
    • abduction=moving arms away from the body
  12. aponeurosis
    a sheetlike tendinous expansion, mainly serving to connect a muscle with the parts it moves
  13. fascia
    a binding connective tissue that surrounds muscles/groups of muscles
  14. flexor and extensor
    • flexor=A muscle that when contracted acts to bend a joint or limb in the body
    • extensor=A muscle that extends or straightens a limb or body part
  15. insertion&origin
    • insertion=the point of a tendon or ligament onto the skeleton or other part of the body
    • origin= the place or point at which a part or structure arises
  16. tendon
    fibrous connective tissue that connects the muscle to the bone
  17. skeletal muscle
  18. cardiac muscle
  19. smooth muscle
    • top=artery
    • bottom=vein
    • lumen=inside of both of them
  20. pes
    the hindfeet of a pig or just the foot or the hoof of a pig
  21. manus
    front limbs of a pig(distal portion)
  22. brachium
    the part of the forelimb extending from the shoulder to the elbow
  23. Atlas and axis
    first two cervical vertebrae
  24. vein&arteries
    • red=artery
    • blue=vein

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