A & P Defs

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  1. Homeostasis
    affected by
    controlled by
    • Affected by: stress (heat, cold, disease, hormones...)
    • Controlled by: Nervous system, Endocrine system, Environmental and behavioral factors
  2. Homeostasis
    Main Components
    • 1. Chemostasis- maintenance of electrolytes and pH bal.
    • 2. Heomstatis- maintenance of blood flow for passage of oxygen & nutrients in and waste products out
    • 3. Thermostasis- maintenance of constant internal body temp.
  3. Feedback systems
    • Hormonal Control
    • - negative feedback
    • -positive feedback
  4. Negative Feedback
    • response is opposite to the stimulus; body senses chnage and activates mechanisms to negate or reverse it
    • (Blood Glucose Levels (insulun &glucagon)
    • (Body Fluid Balance-antidiuretic hormone
  5. Positive Feedback
    • repsonse reinforces the stimulus; change is amplified to promote more change.
    • (childbirth--oxytocin)
  6. Negative Feedback System Components
    • Receptor - structure that senses the change
    • Control Center- (in the brain) meachanism to process info from receptor
    • Effector- structure that carries out repsponse to restore homeostasis
  7. Organizational Levels of the Body
    Atoms > Molecules > Cells > Tissues > Organs > Systems > Organisms
  8. Atoms
    basic units of all matter
  9. Elements
    simplest form of matter with unique chemical properties
  10. Molecules
    • Combination of 2 or more atoms
    • (Oxygen-O2)
  11. Cells
    • smalles functional unit of life
    • (over 200 types of cells in human body)
  12. Tissues
    groups of cells performing a specific function
  13. 4 Types of Tissues
    • Epithelial - lines internal & external surfaces of body organs
    • Connective - provides support, anchorage & connections for body structures
    • Muscle- contains contractile fibers to enable movement
    • Neural- initiates & conducts electrical signals
  14. Organs
    groups of tissues forming a structure
  15. Organ Systems
    groups of organs working together performing a major function
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