AP 1 (9-1)

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  1. What are the six functions of skeletal muscles?
    • Produce skeletal movements
    • Maintain posture and body position
    • Supports soft tissues
    • Gaurds entrances and exits
    • Maintain body teamperature
    • Provide nutrient reserves
  2. What are the five connective tissue coverings?
    • Fascia
    • Aponeuroses
    • Epimysium
    • Perimysium
    • Endomysium
  3. Describe Fascia.
    Layers of dense connective tissue that surround and seperate each muscle. These extend beyond the ends of the muscle to form tendons that are fused to the periosteum of bones.
  4. Describe Aponeuroses.
    Broad sheets of connective tissue that attaches to bone or to coverings of adjacent muscles.
  5. Describe Epimysium.
    Layer of connective tissue that closely surrounds a skeletal muscle.
  6. Describe Perimysium.
    Surrounds individual bundles (fascicles) within each muscle.
  7. Describe Endomysium.
    Surrounds each muscle cell (fiber)
  8. What is the sarcolemma?
    Cell membrane of the muscle cell
  9. What is Sarcoplasm?
  10. What does sarcoplasm contain?
    • Mitochondria
    • Nuclei
    • Myofibrils
  11. What are thick filaments of myofibrils made up of?
  12. What are thin filaments of myofibrils made up of?
    • Actin
    • Troponin
    • Tropomyosin
  13. What produces striations?
    The organization of thick and thin filaments.
  14. Describe I bands.
    Light bands made up of actin filaments are anchored to Z lines.
  15. Describe A bands.
    Dark bands are made up of overlapping thick and thin filaments.
  16. Describe H bands.
    These consists of myosin (thick) filaments located in the center of A bands.
  17. Describe M lines.
    Thick area in the center of the H zone that consists of proteins that hold the thick filaments in place.
  18. Describe Myosin.
    Consists of two twisted strands with globular crossbridges projected outward along the strands.
  19. Describe actin.
    A globular protein with myosin binding sites.
  20. Describe tropomysin and troponin.
    Protiens associated with the surface of the actin filaments.
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