Course 2, Lesson 17, Tissues

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  1. /vascular
    relating to a vessel system
  2. /ceps
  3. /gen
    to produce or create
  4. penta/
  5. /poietic (adj)
    relating to the process of formation
  6. oct/o
  7. adipose
    relating to fat
  8. areol/o
    containing little spaces
  9. areolar
    relating to containing little spaces
  10. avascular
    lacking blood supply
  11. basement membrane
    holds tissue in place
  12. coll/a
  13. collagen
    glue-like fibers in connective tissue
  14. column/o
    column shaped
  15. columnar
    cells shaped like a column
  16. com/
    • with,
    • con/ before m or p
  17. cub/o
    cube shaped
  18. cuboidal
    relating to cube shaped
  19. elast/o
  20. elastic
    relating to elastin
  21. elastin
    major connective tissue protein
  22. endocrine
    secrete within
  23. epitheli/o
    surface skin
  24. epithelia
    surface tissues
  25. epithelial
    relating to epithelium
  26. epithelium
    tissue that covers every surface of the body
  27. exocrine
    secretes without
  28. fibr/o
    fiber, containing fiber
  29. fibrous
    relating to fiber
  30. flex/o
    flexion, bending a joint
  31. hematopoiesis
    blood forming
  32. hematopoietic
    relating to blood-forming tissue
  33. hy/o
    hyaline cartilage
  34. hyaline
    type of cartilage in larynx
  35. involuntary
    not done by will
  36. marrow
    soft tissue of bone
  37. matrix, matrices
    connective tissue cells secrete and float in this substance
  38. striated
  39. neuron
    tissue cell of nervous system
  40. neuronal
    relating to nervous tissue cells
  41. osse/o
  42. osseous
    relating to bone
  43. osteoporosis
    condition of reduced bone mass
  44. poi/e
    forming, making
  45. por/o
  46. skelet/o
  47. reticular
    a fine network formed by cells or pertaining to or resemblin a net
  48. skeletal
    relating to the skeleton
  49. skeleton
    bony framework of body
  50. squam/o
    disk-shaped cells
  51. squamous
    cells that are flat disks
  52. stratified
    more than one layer
  53. tendons
    fibrous tissue
  54. vascul/o
  55. volunt/o
    by choice or by will
  56. voluntary
    control by choice or will
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