Course 2, Lesson 21

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  1. inspection
    look at body with naked eye
  2. ausculation
    listen with stethoscope
  3. palpation
    feel with examining hands
  4. percussion
    tap different parts of body during exam
  5. chickenpox
    childhood disease
  6. measles
    childhood disease
  7. appendectomy
    surgical removal of appendix
  8. multivitamin
    many vitamins
  9. PCN, penicillin
  10. living and well
    secription used in H&P
  11. complications
    morbid process during disease which is not an essential part of the disease
  12. well healed
    description used in examination
  13. discoloration
    not normal coloration
  14. tinnitus
    sensation of noise in ears
  15. hoarseness
    rough, harsh quality of voice
  16. murmur
    soft sound heard on auscultation
  17. dyspnea
    difficult or labord breathing
  18. orthopnea
    discomfort on breathing except in upright position
  19. hemoptysis
    coughing up blood
  20. /ptysis
    coughing up
  21. stools formed
    stools of normal consistency
  22. dysuria
    difficulty or pain in urination
  23. nocturia
    urinating at night
  24. noct/i, nyct/o
    at night
  25. urgency
    strong desire to urinate accompanied by fear of leakage
  26. stress incontinence
    lack of restraint regarding urination or feces
  27. para
    woman who has produced viable young
  28. gravida
  29. BCP, birth control pills
    oral contraceptive
  30. menstrual
    periodic physiologic hemorrhage
  31. LNMP
    last normal menstrual period (or cycle)
  32. headache
    diffuse pain in head
  33. vertigo
    sensation of whirling
  34. convulsions
    involuntary spasms
  35. well nourished, well developed
    • properly fed, proper development, growth
    • (hyphenated only if followed by noun)
  36. no acute distress
    no short or sharp cause of discomfort
  37. alert and oriented
    description used in H&P
  38. EOMs
    extraocular movements
  39. funduscopic
    bottom part of hallow organ seen with scope
  40. fund/u, fund/i
    fundus of the eye
  41. unremarkable
    not remarkable
  42. pharyng/o
  43. PMI
    point of maximal impulse
  44. bruit
    auscultatory sound
  45. midclavicular
    middle of the collarbone
  46. symmetrical
    correspondence of parts on opposite sides of body
  47. scaphoid
  48. genitalia
    genital organs
  49. hemorrhoids, hemorrhoidal
    certain arteries and veins supplying rectum and anus
  50. stool guaiac
    test for blood in stool
  51. equal and full
    evaluation of pupils
  52. cranial nerves II-XII
    nerves in the head
  53. grossly intact
    completely in tact
  54. normoreflexive
    normal reflexes
  55. mammogram
    radiography of breast
  56. mamm/o, mast/o
    • breast (entire breast)
    • breast tissue
  57. Pap smear
    specimen for examination of vaginal mucus
  58. referral
    act of referring
  59. genitourinary
    relating to organs of reproduction and urination
  60. extremities
    shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand, hip, thigh, knee, leg, ankle, foot
  61. UCI, UCD
    • usual childhood illnesses
    • usual childhood diseases
  62. rhinoplasty
    repair of nose defect
  63. septal deviation
    abnormal wall dividing two cavities
  64. asymmetrical
    disproportion between two or more like parts
  65. distortion
    out of normal shape
  66. progressive
  67. quarterly
    divided into fourths
  68. prognosis
    forecast of probable outcome
  69. heart tones
    firmness or normal functioning of heart muscle
  70. normal bowel sounds
    normal sounds heard on examination
  71. rebound tenderness
    reversed response on withdrawl of stimulus
  72. noncontributory
    does not contribute
  73. Sumycin
  74. Ovcon-35, 28 day
    oral contraceptive
  75. Tagamet
    antiulcer agent
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