Course 2, Lesson 14

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  1. ad/
  2. af/
    toward, same as ad/
  3. afferent
    carrying toward the center
  4. anatomic position
    position of body to describe location
  5. anatomy
    science of structure of body
  6. anter/o
    front, in front of
  7. anterior
    in front of
  8. biology
    the study of life
  9. caud/o
    toward the tail or foot
  10. caudal
  11. centr/o
    the center
  12. central
    within or near the center
  13. coron/o
  14. coronal plane
    plane which divides body into front and back sections
  15. coronal section
    divide into front and back
  16. coronal
    relating to structure resembling a crown
  17. cytology
    process of studying cells
  18. dist/o
    farther from
  19. distal
    away from center
  20. dors/o
  21. dorsal
    on back side
  22. /e (noun)
    • noun suffix - no meaning,
    • makes root word a noun
  23. ef/
    • out of, outside
    • same as ex/
  24. efferent
    carrying away from
  25. ex/, ex/o
    out of, outside
  26. extern/o
  27. external
    outside or closer to the surface
  28. /ferent
    bear, carry
  29. frontal section
    dividing body into front/back portions
  30. histology
    study of tissues
  31. ili/o
    relating to the ilium (hip bone)
  32. incision
    a cut, surgical wound
  33. infer/o
  34. inferior
  35. intern/o
  36. internal
    inside or away from
  37. later/o
  38. lateral
    away from middle
  39. longitudinal section
    divides body into left/right
  40. /ly (adverb)
    in the style of
  41. macroscopic
    parts of body seen with naked eye
  42. macroscopically
    pertaining to macroscopy
  43. medi/o
  44. medial
    closer to the middle
  45. microscope
    instrument for seeing small things
  46. microscopic
    too small to be seen with naked eye
  47. microscopically
    pertaining to microscopy
  48. midsagittal section
    section made down middle of body
  49. midsagittal
    exact middle of body
  50. morphologically
    pertaining to morphology
  51. morphologic
    relating to study of form of organs
  52. morphology
    study of form of body parts
  53. /on (noun)
    noun suffix - no meaning
  54. parasagittal section
    section made slightly to one side or other of midline
  55. parasagittal
    one side or other of midline
  56. pathologic
    relating to study of disease
  57. pathology
    the study of disease
  58. pathophysiology
    physiologic abnormality
  59. peripheral
    at or near the rim or edge
  60. pher/o
    support, bear
  61. physiologically
    pertaining to physiology
  62. physiologic
    relating to function of body parts
  63. physiology
    study of how body works
  64. plane
    direction of a section
  65. posterolateral
    to side and in back of sagittal plane or middle
  66. poster/o
  67. posterior
    in back of
  68. proxim/o
    nearer to
  69. proximal
    near center of body or organ
  70. sagittal plane
    plane which divides body into right, left sections
  71. sagittal section
    divide body into right and left
  72. sagittal
    right and left
  73. sagittally
    relating to sagittal
  74. scop/o
  75. section
    slice or cut dividing body into parts
  76. superomedial
    above and closer to the middle
  77. super/o
  78. superficial
    on or closer to the skin or surface
  79. superficially
    relating to the surface
  80. superior
  81. superolateral
    above and further away from
  82. transverse plane
    dividing above, below
  83. transverse section
    dividing into top, bottom
  84. transverse
    lying across long axis of body
  85. transversely
    across long axis of body
  86. ventr/o
    belly side
  87. ventral
    on the belly side
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