Course 2, Lesson 15, Body Cavities

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  1. abdominocentesis
    puncture or passage into the abdominal cavity
  2. abdominopelvic
    major body cavity
  3. cavity
    container in body grouping organs with similar functions
  4. cranial
    relating to the skull
  5. mediastin/o
    relating to the mediastinal cavity
  6. mediastinal
    relating to the center cavity
  7. mediastinum
    center cavity containing heart
  8. mening/o
    perietal and visceral membranes of cranial cavity
  9. meningeal
    relating to meninges
  10. pericardium
    membrane around the heart
  11. peritone/o
    abdominal cavity
  12. peritoneal
    relating to abdominal cavity
  13. peritoneum
    membrane in abdominopelvic cavity
  14. phrag/o
    fence, wall
  15. serum
    • liquid (noncellular) part of blood
    • body fluid
  16. spin/o
  17. spinal canal
    cavity that holds spinal cord
  18. thoracocentesis, thoracentesis
    puncture or passage into thoracic cavity
  19. ton/o
  20. diaphragm
    boundary between thoracic and abdominal cavities
  21. diaphragmatic (adj)
    relating to diaphragm
  22. dur/o
    parietal meningeal membrane of cranial cavity
  23. dura
    membranes in dorsal cavities
  24. dural
    membranes lining the cranial cavity and spinal canal
  25. meninges
    combination of parietal and visceral serosa
  26. organ/o
  27. organic
    relating to organ
  28. organomegaly
    enlargement of organ
  29. pariet/o
    wall of a cavity or organ
  30. /phragm (noun)
    fence, wall
  31. phren/o
  32. phrenic
    relating to diaphragm
  33. pleur/o
    thoracic membranes
  34. pleura
    lining of thoracic cavity
  35. viscer/o
    • organ in a cavity
    • especially the abdomen
  36. visceral
    relating to membrane that covers organs
  37. viscus, viscera
  38. foramen, foramen magnum
    opening, large opening
  39. /rrhage, /rrhagia
    • break or bursting through
    • abnormal flow
  40. hemorrhage
    abnormal blood flow
  41. hypothyroidism
    decreased condition of thyroid
  42. pneumon/o
    lung air sacs
  43. parietal
    relating to cavity lining
  44. pelv/o
  45. pelvic
    relating to pelvis
  46. pelvis, pelves
    cup-shaped ring of bone in lower quadrant of body
  47. pericardial
    relates to covering of surface of the heart
  48. pleural
    relating to cavity holding lung
  49. retro-orbital
    behind bony cavity containing eyeball
  50. retroperitoneal
    behind peritoneal cavity
  51. seros/o
    serous membrane
  52. serous
    relating to or containing serum
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