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  1. Epidermis Vs Oral Mucosa
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  2. ´╗┐Oral Lining Mucosa
    • buccal, labial, alveolar, floor ofmouth, ventral tongue surface, soft palate
    • soft, moist, able to strech and compress, cushion
    • nonkeratineized epithelium wiwth smooth interface
    • few rete ridges
    • CT papillae with elastic fibers in the lamina propria and submucosa
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  3. Masticatory Mucosa
    • Attached gingiva, hard palate, dorsal tongue surface
    • Rubbery surface texture and resiliency, serving as a firm base
    • Keritinized epithelium and interdigitated interface
    • many rete ridges
    • CT papillae with thin layer of submucosa or none
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  4. Specialized Mucosa
    • dorsal tongue surface
    • lingual Papillae
    • discrete structures of lamina propria and epithelium
  5. Masticatory Mucosa
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  6. Oral Transition
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  7. Parakeratinization
    • immature form of orthokeratinization
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  8. Hyperkeratinization
    tissue response to friction or trauma
  9. Filiform
    • Most common on body
    • fine-pointed cones giving velvety texture
    • thick layer of keritinized epithelium
    • mechanical
  10. Taste Buds
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  11. Fungiform
    • lesser numbers
    • mushroom shaped small red dots
    • thin layer of keritinized epithelium
    • taste buds superficial
    • TASTE
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  12. Foliate
    • 4-11 vertical ridges on lateral surface of posterior tongue
    • leaf shaped
    • keritinized epithelium w taste buds superficial
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  13. Circumvallate
    • 7-15 large raised mushroom-shaped structures anterior to sulcus terminalis
    • similar histo to fungiform, deep to tongue surface, taste buds in base surrounded by trough
    • von Ebner's minor salivary glands in submucosa
    • TASTE
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  14. Von Ebner's Glands
    Minor serous salivary glands that flush trough around the circumvallate papilla to improve taste discrimination
  15. Junctional Epithelium:
    • Attachment of the Gingival Tissue to Tooth by Hemidesmosomes
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  16. Parotid
    • Largest, encapsulated
    • parotid duct (Stenson's) max 2nd molar buccal mucosa
    • Short Striated ducts
    • Long intercalated ducts
    • Mainly serous Acini
  17. Submandibular
    • Intermediate, encapsulated
    • Submandibular duct (Wharton's) near lingual frenum on floor of mouth
    • Long striated ducts
    • Short intercalated ducts
    • Serous and mucoserous acini
  18. Sublingual
    • smallest, no capsule
    • Sublingual duct(Bartholin's) same area as submandibular, may have additional ducts in submandibular folds
    • rare or absent striated ducts
    • absent intercalated ducts
    • mainly mucous with some mucoserous acini
  19. Lingual Papillae
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  20. Oral Mucosa Table
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  21. Salivary Gland Comparison
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  22. Turnover Times
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  23. Functional Classification of Oral Mucosa
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