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  1. Ethics
    • systemic reflection on and analysis of morality
    • discipline of study to articulate clear, consistent, coherent, and practical guidelines for conduct and character
    • "what is good?"
  2. Morality
    • duties and values
    • right and wrong conduct, good and bad character
    • protection of cherished values
  3. history of medical ethics
    Prince hammurabi of babylon recorderd responsibilites of health care providers in 1727 BC

    Hindu- respect gentelness dignity

    Ancient greece "primum non nocere" or "first, do no harm"
  4. Nuremberg trials
    Nuremberg code
    judged the atrocities done in medical experimentation by nazi doctors

    code-emphasized individual rights and autonomy
  5. Nonmaleficence
    • do no harm
    • obtain skills education competence
    • refrain from substance abuse
    • perform only medically indicated exams (low energy exposure)
    • keep up on current literature
  6. Beneficence
    • Seek to benefit patients not just "not harm them"
    • more comprehensive than nonmaleficence
    • minimize pain (physiologic) and suffering (psychologic)
  7. Autonomy
    the right of self determination

    persons capability to formulate express and carry out value based preferences
  8. Respect for persons
    respect for autonomy of individuals and protect thoes with diminished autonomy
  9. Informed consent
    autonomy based right
  10. Veracity and Intergrity
    • Veracity= truthfulness
    • Integrity= adherence to moral and ethical principles (to bring together)... what you think, say, and do
  11. Justice
    ethical principle that requires fair distribution of benefits and burdens

    • treat patients equally
    • use of a translator
  12. Confidentiality
    obligation of caregivers to protect clinical information about pts from unauthorized access
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