Comparative Test 4 (C2)

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  1. Fish have a _____ chambered heart receives _____ and increases pressure enough to drive it through the gills and on into the body.
    • two
    • low pressure venous blood
  2. What is the sinus venosus?
    • Thin walled compartment before heart
    • Blood collects in it.
  3. _____ is the first chamber of the heart, slightly thicker walls, valves at each end.
  4. Describe the ventricle.
    • Second chamber of the heart.
    • Thicker muscular walls for pumping blood.
  5. Describe the conus arteriosus.
    • Thick walled compartment after the ventricle.
    • Has several tiers of valves to prevent backflow.
  6. _____ aortic arches are transformed into branchial circulation.
  7. Describe branchial circulation.
    • Afferent branchial arteries take blood from heart to gills.
    • Collector loops receive aerated blood from gills.
    • Efferent branchial arteries take aerated blood to dorsal aorta.
  8. What are the different branches of the dorsal aorta and what do they supply?
    • Median visceral - to digestive tract and derivatives (celiac and mesenteric arteries)
    • Lateral visceral - to gonads and kidneys (gonadial and renal)
    • Intersegmental - to body wall and appendages.
  9. Blood from the abdominal viscera drains into _____ to the hepatic portal vein into the liver. From the liver, two _____ carry blood to the sinus venosus.
    • tributaries
    • hepatic veins
  10. In the venous system, kidneys and trunk are drained by _____.
    posterior cardinals.
  11. In the venous system, appendages are drained by _____.
    Lateral abdominal veins
  12. In the venous system, the head is drained by _____ and _____.
    • Anterior cardinals
    • Inferior Jugulars
  13. All of the venous system drain into the _____ which lead to the _____.
    • Paired common cardinals
    • Sinus venosus
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