Dental Assisting mod 130

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  1. Device that automates all film processing steps
    Automatic Processer
  2. Common type of phosphor.
    Calcium Tungstate
  3. Holder for extraoral films during exposure.
  4. Special device that allows the operator to easily position both film and patient
  5. Image receptor found in the intraoral sensor.
    Charge - Coupled Device (ccd)
  6. An image composed of pixels.
    Digital Image
  7. Filmless imaging system that uses a sensor to capture images, then converts the images into electronic pieces and stores them in the computer.
    Digital Radiograph
  8. A technique in which the image is captured on an intraoral sensor and then is viewed on a computer monitor.
    Direct Digital Imaging
  9. Film designed for use in film duplicating machines.
    Duplicating Film
  10. A coating on the x-ray film that contains energy - sensitive crystals.
  11. Film designed for use in cassettes.
    Extraoral Film
  12. An existing radiograph is scanned and converted into a digital from with the use of a charge - couple device camara.
    Indirect Digital Imaging
  13. Device used to convert x-ray energy into visible light, which in turn exposes screen film
    Intensifying screen
  14. Film designed for placement in the patient's mouth.
    Intaoral Film
  15. The invisible image on yhe x-ray film after exposure but before processing.
    Latent Image
  16. Imaginary line that divides the patient's face into equal right and left side.
    Midsagittal Plane
  17. Used to examine large areas of the upper or lower jaw.
    Occlusal Technique
  18. Provides a wide view of the upper and lower jaw.
    Panoramic Film
  19. Small detector that is placed intraorally to capture a radiographic image.
  20. Radiographic technique that allows image of one layer or section of the body while bluming images from structures in other planes.
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