Dental Assisting mod 130

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  1. Name 5 film holders that are used to position and hold the dental x-ray film in patien's mouth
    • 1. Rinn XCP
    • 2. Disposable Block
    • 3. Eezee Grip (Snap-A-Ray)
    • 4. Endoray
    • 5. Uni-bite Devices
  2. True or False:
    The radiographic image is located within the gelatin that suspends emulasion of the a film.
    • True
    • The gelatin suspends the emulsion of microscopic silver crystals over the film base.
  3. Which speed film is the newest and fastest film?
    F speed
  4. Size#___ film is the most commonly used film for adult intaoral x-ray.
    # 2
  5. State whether each film is etraoral or intraoral.
    Periapical, Bite-wing, Panoramic, Occlusal, Cephalometric.
    • Perciapical - Intraoral
    • Bite-wing - Intraoral
    • Panoramic - Extraoral
    • Occlusal - Intraoral
    • Cephalometric - Extraoral
  6. The ____ side of the cassette that is used to hold and protect the extraoral film always faces the patient.
  7. What is the purpose of the intensifying screen?
    Intensifies or increases the effect of the radiation and thus decreases the amount of exposre time needed.
  8. During _____ film processing step the film emulsion hardens.
  9. _____ film processing requiers less equipment than manual film processing.
  10. What error will result in reticulation of the film emulsion?
    Sudden temperture change between developer and water bath.
  11. A straight white border on the film is a result of ____ cut-off.
  12. True or False:
    The panoramic allows the dentist to view the entire dentition and related structures.
  13. During the panoramic radiograph the _____ and ______ rotates around the patient.
    Film and Tubehead
  14. The _______ trough is shaped like a horseshoe.
  15. To accommodate patients of differnt sizes while taking a panoramic the exposure controls allows the ______ and ______ to be adjusted.
    Milliamperage and Kilovoltage
  16. A_____ area and _______ image may appear on the film of a panaramic if the patient fails to remove their glasses.
    Blur and Ghost
  17. True or False:
    The correct position of Frankfort plane is parallel to the floor for a correct panoramic radiograph.
    • True
    • Position the patient so that the Frankfort plane is parallel to the floor.
  18. when the patient's teeth are positioned too far back on the bite block the anterior teeth will appear_______
    Fat and out of focus.
  19. Name 3 advantages of the panoramic radiograph.
    • 1. Entire maxilla and mandible can be seen on one film.
    • 2. Less Radiation Exposure.
    • 3. Quick and Easy and patients prefer it.
  20. True or False:
    The use of the panoramic film allows less radiation exposure as compared to intraoral radiographs.
  21. Name the 2 most common skull radiographs used in dentistry.
    • 1. Cephalometic
    • 2. Posteroanterior
  22. True or False:
    The term image is used to describe the pictures taken with digital radiographs.
    • True
    • Imaging System known as digital rediography.
  23. To create a digital image the digital radiography utilizes.
    Intraoral Sensor and Computer
  24. True or False:
    The digital storage phosphor imaging is wireless.
    • True
    • This is a wireless method.
  25. The_______ projection is an extraoral radiograph used to evaluate facial growth and development.
    Lateral Cephlometric
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