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  1. Build
    - to make something by putting bricks or other materials together:
    + They're building new houses by the river.
    + The birds built their nest in the small fir tree.
    + These old houses are built (= made) of stone
    - Xây dựng
  2. Guilt
    - a feeling of anxiety or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong, such as causing harm to another person:
    + He suffered such feelings of guilt over leaving his children.
    + She remembered with a pang of guilt that she hadn't called her mother.
    + tội lỗi
  3. Guitar
    a musical instrument with six strings and a long neck which is usually made of wood, and which is played by pulling or hitting the strings with the fingers:
    + He sat on the grass,
    + strumming his guitar.
    + an acoustic guitaran electric guitar
    + đàn gita
  4. Quilte
    + a decorative cover for a bed
    - đệm bông
  5. Quixotic
    + having or showing ideas that are imaginative but not practical or likely to succeed:
    +This is a vast, exciting and some say quixotic project.
    + anh hùng rơm
  6. Equivalent
    + having the same amount, value, purpose, qualities, etc:
    + She's doing the equivalent job in the new company but for more money.
    + tương đương
  7. Colloquial
    + informal and more suitable for use in speech than in writing:
    + colloquial speech
    thuộc về đối thoại
  8. Mosquito
    + a small flying insect that bites people and animals, and sucks their blood:
    + Some types of the anopheles mosquito transmit malaria to humans.
    con muỗi
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