Shift Quiz #2

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  1. Aneurysm
    a widening of a blood vessel due to pressure on weakened tissues causing formation of a sac of blood that may become clotted
  2. Anasarca
    Extensive subcutaneous edema; an expression of a generalized edema such as occurs in congestive heart failure. There is diffuse subcutaneous swelling, which is cool to the touch and retains the imprint of a fingertip after pressure is released-hence 'pitting edema'.
  3. Aphasia
    Condition characterized by partial or total loss of the ability to communicate verbally or using written words. A person may have difficultly speaking, reading, writing, recognizing the names of objects, or understanding what other people have said. It is caused by a brain injury, as may occur during a traumatic accident or when the brain is deprived of oxygen during a stroke.
  4. Arrhythmia
    Abnormal heart rhythm
  5. Ascites
    Accumulation of serous fluid in the abdominal cavity
  6. Atelectasis
    Partial or total collapse of the lung tissue
  7. Avulsion
    A forcible pulling away of a part or structure
  8. Bradycardia
    Unusually slow heart rate
  9. Bruit
    A murmur or sound heart in auscultation
  10. Cachectic
    State of general ill appearance or malnutrition
  11. Cardiomegaly
    Enlargement of the heart
  12. Cerumen
    Ear wax
  13. Cholecystectomy
    Surgical removal of the gallbladder
  14. Cholelithiasis (koh-luh-li-thahy-uh-sis)
    Production of gallstones
  15. Cirrhosis
    Inflammation of an organ by degenerative changes, especially the liver
  16. Colectomy
    Excision of part of the large intestine or colon
  17. Colostomy
    Surgical procedure that provides an opening between the colon and the abdominal wall
  18. Cornea
    Trasparent coating of the eyeball covering the iris and the pupil, allowing light into the eye
  19. Crepitance
    A crackling or grating sound, usually of bones
  20. Debridement
    Removal of foreign matter or dead tissue from a wound
  21. Dehiscence (dih-his-uhns)
    A separation of layers, usually of a surgical incision
  22. Dentition
    The teeth in situ or in the dental arch
  23. Dermis
    True skin, beneath the epidermis
  24. AAA
    Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  25. ABx or abx
  26. AIDS
    Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
  27. AMI
    Acute Myocardial Infarction
  28. am
    before noon
  29. AMA
    Against Medical Advice
  30. AMB, amb
    Ambulatory, ambulate--to walk or move from place to place
  31. AMS
    Altered mental status
  32. amt
  33. ant
  34. Appt
  35. appy
  36. ASA
    Acetylsalicyclic Acid (ASA)
  37. BBS
    Bilateral Breath Sounds
  38. BID, b.i.d
    Twice daily
  39. bilat
  40. BKA
    Below knee amputation
  41. BLE
    Bilateral lower extremities
  42. BM
    Bowel movement
  43. BTL
    Bilateral Tubal Ligation (binds or ties up)
  44. BUE
    Bilateral Upper Extremities
  45. BUN
    Blood Urea Nitrogen
  46. C1-C7
    1st-7th Cervical vertebrae
  47. CA
  48. CABG
    Coronary Arterial Bypass Graft
  49. CAD
    Coronary Artery Disease
  50. CT
    Computed Tomography
  51. CVD
    Cardiovascular Disease
  52. WNL
    Within Normal Limits
  53. Benadryl 50mg IM/PO
    Allergic Rx
  54. Bicillin LA/CR 1.2million units IM
  55. Epinephrine (epi 0.3 sq=subcutaneous)
    Allergic Rx
  56. Demerol
    Pain Control
  57. GI cocktail PO
    Abd Sx
  58. Mefoxin 1-4mg IV
  59. Prednisone 10-40mg PO
    Allergic Rx
  60. Solumedrol 125 mg IV
    Allergic Rx
  61. Valium 5mg IV
    Pain Control
  62. Ventolin Updraft
    Respiratory Updraft
  63. Xopenex Updraft
    Respiratory Updraft
  64. HPI Level 2-Min # of elements?
    1-3 elements
  65. HPI Level 3-Min # of elements?
    1-3 elements
  66. HPI Level 4-Min # of elements?
    4+ elements
  67. HPI Level 5-Min # of elements?
    4+ elements
  68. ROS-Min # of systems
    1 system
  69. ROS Level 3-Min # of systems?
    1 system
  70. ROS Level 4-Min # of systems?
    2-9 Systems
  71. ROS Level 5-Min # of systems?
    10+ systems
  72. PMHx/SHx Level 2-Min # of areas?
    1 area
  73. PMHx/SHx Level 3-Min # of areas?
    1 area
  74. PMHx/SHx Level 4-Min # of areas?
    1 area
  75. PMHx/SHx Level 5-Min # of areas?
    2 of 3 areas
  76. PEx Level 2-Min # of organs/areas?
    2-4 organs/areas
  77. PEx Level 3-Min # of organs/areas?
    2-4 organs/areas
  78. PEx Level 4-Min # of organs/areas?
    5-7 organs
  79. PEx Level 5-Min # of organs/areas
    8+ organs/areas
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