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    what kind of material is this scupture?
    • Apollo from Veii
    • ca.510-500BC (Etruscan Art)
    • its made out of teracota.
    • etruscan pollo wakes up at 5:10BC
    • Temple of Fortuna Virilis.
    • Roma, Italy. ca 75.BC Roman art
    • 7columns by 5 rows that roman buit BC.

  2. NAME-COUNTRY-YEAR-ART-TYPE-Wath volcano destroy pompeii?
    • Dionysiac Mystery frieze
    • Pompeii, Italy ca.60-50BC (Roman art)
    • Mount Vesuvius destroyed pompeii.
    • 60 romans left because the volcano ruined the party BC.

  3. NAME-COUNTRY-YEAR-what procession is on this.
    • Ara pacis Augustane
    • Rome, Italy. 13-9 BC.(Roman art)
    • "PAX ROMANA" time of roman piece
    • this shoe box fits 13 outofluck romans before christ.

    what is the other name for it?
    • the colosseum
    • Rome, italy. ca AD 70-80 (roman art)
    • the other name is flavian amphitheater.
    • the romans build 70 windows for this flavor.

    what significance is this arch?
    • Arch of Titus
    • Rome, Italy. AD 81 (roman art)
    • its a TRIUMPHAL ARCH
    • his brothes was 81 years old when he died so AD he built this for him in his triump.

  6. the column equal one and the statue is a 12 feet roman after his death in spiral like solomons.
    what does the size of the column represent?
    • Column of Trajan
    • Rome, Italy. AD 112 (roman art)
    • it represents the size of the hill that was taken away bucket by bucket from where its stands.

  7. NAME-COUNTRY-YEAR-what is the center opening called? At 1:18 pm the sum shines pretty through the oculus roman eye+ pantheon is death.
    • The Pantheon
    • Rome, Italy. AD 118-125 (roman art)
    • The Oculus-"the eye" round central opening of a dome.

    what material are they made from?
    these roman midgets are 3 feet and 5 in tall after they died.
    • Portrait of the Tetrarchs
    • AD 118-125 (Roman Art)
    • Made from Porphyry-a purple material only for kings.

    what impact did constantine have? after his death only 3 pieces of him where left they were 15 feet tall.
    • Portrait of Constantine in the basilica nova
    • Rome, Italy. AD 315-330 (roman art)
    • He was the ruler that established christianity.

  10. Name-country-year-ar-ttype?
    what terms may relate? approximately 32 christian build this really early in the morning.
    • Old St. Peter's Basilica
    • Rome, Italia begun ca 320 (early christian art) Catacombs may be underneath.

    what is inside this church?
    theres been 33 wedding and 7 funerals at this circular church.
    • Santa Constanza
    • Rome, Italy 337-351 (early christian art)
    • there is a porphyry sarchaphogus of constantines daughters and its has vault.

    Who restored this place? what 3 types is ti? there are 3 arab signs and 2 angels in this bee color building.
    • Hagia Sophia
    • Istanbul, Turkey 532-537 (byzantine art)
    • Justinian restore it and its bizantine,constatinople, turkey.

    what symbol is on the shield?
    justinian had 5 servants and they were 47 years old beez.
    • Justinian and attendants
    • San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy ca.547
    • (byzantine art)
    • the symbol on the shield is CHI-RO chist monogram.

  14. 5 of the sheeps were bitten by 33 beez.
    • Apse Mosaic
    • Saint' Appolinare in classe, Ravenna, Italy
    • 533-549 (byzantine art)

  15. the service begins at 10:00 each morning if u miss it 63 lions will eat you and the gold turns to beez.
    • Saint Mark's
    • Venice, Italy-begun 1063 (byzantine art)

  16. there are 6 islams guys that play 8 times a day at the 7 lucky doors.
    • Dome of Rock,
    • Jerusalem, 687-692 (islamic art)

  17. this keltic cross looks like a 9 and it has 2 sides and 3 pics on the bottom its suxs that its big or else i buy it.
    • Muiredach's Cross
    • 923 (hiberno-saxon art)

  18. This illuminatig gold manuscript is caro cuz its aproximately 8 petals on the carolina flower and 70 gems all around it.
    • Lindau Gospels
    • ca, 870 (carolingian art)

    what does this resemble?
    • Torhalle
    • Lorsch, Germany 9th century (carolingian art)it resembles a triumphal arch.

  20. this german door was made by otto sirgo and its has 10 square drawings and its 15 feet tall.
    • Bronze Doors of Bishop Bernward
    • saint michael's hildesheim, Germany.
    • 1015 (ottonian art)

  21. this FRENCH/ROMANESQUE church looks exatly like a cross the crossing tower is 10 storys high and its has 70 windows like the colluseum.
    • Saint sernin
    • Toulouse, France 1070-1120 (romanesque art)

  22. this ITALIANO AMBROSIO has 2 towers that look like an 11. and its Romanesque se parese a st peters.
    • Sant' Ambrogio
    • Milan, Italy late 11th to early 12th century
    • (romanesque art)

  23. its has two towers that look like an 11 and they almost look the same in the towres 15 frenchies ring the bell for they look like romanesque.
    • Saint Etienne
    • Caen, France 1115-1120 (romanesque art)

  24. ignore the rose windon on this romanesque cathedral because its in england, nana jonie goes to its 10 times a day eventhough she is 93 years old.
    • Durham Cathedral
    • England, begun ca 1093 (romanesque)

  25. gilbert iso esto for the french to repent a las 11:20 de la maniana.
    • Gislebertus, Last Judgment Tympanum
    • saint, lazare, autun, France
    • 1120-1135 (romanesque)

  26. este jam statue tiene puros guys chales..este frances esta le gusta ninos de 11 a 45 anos. chales.
    • Jamb statues, Chartres cathedral.
    • chartres, France 1145-1155
    • (french Gothic)

  27. this one is ofcourse gothic and french cuz its has 12 petal on the rose that tells 30 stories of the bible chales es chartless.
    • Rose Window
    • Chartres cathedral, chartres, France
    • ca 1230 (french Gothic art)

  28. Mr reins es un french guy that likes only girls in his gothic cathedral most of them are only 12 years old up to30 anos.
    • Jamb Statues Reims cathedral-
    • Reims, France ca. 1230 (frenceh Gothic art)

  29. the 12 foot tower looks like big ben and its leaning 20 degrees to the left. the gothis really messed it up.
    NAME-COUNTRY-YEAR-TYPEART-what is not right from this church?
    • Salisbury cathedral, salisbury england
    • 1220-1258 (english gothic art) its crossing tower leans.

  30. el italiano lorenzo iso este gothic bien feo con un chingo de colores en la puerta. y 13 escalones en los lados y 10 arches en las puertas.
    • Lorenzo Maitani, Orvieto cathedral
    • orvieto Italy begun 1310 (late medieval/italian gothic)
  31. catacoms:underground cementary.

  32. what did caracalla do to this pic of his bro?
    Damnatio Demoriae: those who oppose roman senate memorials are demolish and names erase.
  33. gothic churches

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