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  1. Abnegation
    Self-denial, rejection, a restraint of one�s own desires in the interest of others.
  2. Acquiesce
    To agree, favor, go along with, to accept, comply or submit
  3. Acrimony
    Sharp animosity, harshness, or bitterness of nature, speech, disposition
  4. Acumen
    Superior mental qualities, keen insight, depth of perception, discernment, quickness or accuracy
  5. Aplomb
    Great poise, strong self-possession, confident composure
  6. Assuage
    Appease, satisfy, to ease, to pacify, make less intense or severe
  7. Bedizen
    Ornament or adorn in a showy, gaudy, vulgar manner
  8. Bucolic
    Pastoral, idyllically rural, rustic
  9. Caliber
    Degree of merit, competence, or importance, degree of mental capacity
  10. Candid
    Frank, outspoken, sincere, free from bias
  11. Captious
    Fault-finding, exaggerating trivial defects, intended to entrap or confuse
  12. Charlatan
    Imposter, fraud, crook
  13. Cohort
    Companion, associable, a group of warriors or soldiers, defined population
  14. Credulity
    Gullibility, readiness to believe without proper evidence
  15. Cupidity
    Greed, avarice, lust for wealth, excessive desire
  16. Dilatory
    Delaying, procrastinating, tardy, slow
  17. Effusive
    Unduly, demonstrative, pouring out, overflowing
  18. Elation
    Great joy of gladness, High spir\its, intense pleasure
  19. Enjoin
    Direct or order someone to do something, to prohibit or forbid
  20. Explicate
    Explain, interpret, unfold, make plain, to make clear
  21. Absolve
    To forgive, free from blame
  22. Anachronistic
    Set in the wrong time, misdated
  23. Ardor
    High spirited, overflowing with enthusiasm
  24. Auspicious
    Favorable, propitious
  25. Averse
    An active feeling of dislike
  26. Boorish
    Rude, crude, unmannerly
  27. Chastise
    Belittle, discredit
  28. Clandestine
    Secretive, concealed, for a darker purpose
  29. Conflagration
    Large, destructive fire
  30. Coterie
    Clique, group of people who have a common purpose
  31. Diatribe
    Tirade, bitter, abusive denunciation
  32. Empathy
    Identification of feelings with others
  33. Enervate
    Weaken, exhaust, deprive of strength
  34. Exonerate
    Nullify, abolish, set free
  35. Feign
    To pretend, to give a fake impression
  36. Fetid
    Stinking having an offensive order
  37. Fortitude
    Strength, especially in mind
  38. Frugal
    Thrifty, cheep
  39. Gregarious
    Sociable, fond of company
  40. Sporadic
    Random, now and then, irregular
  41. Accord
    To bestow upon
  42. Aesthetic
    Pertaining to beauty or art
  43. Alleviate
    To relieve, improve partially
  44. Belligerent
    Hostile, inclined to fight
  45. Brandish
    To wave with ill-intent
  46. Cadence
    Rhythmic flow marching beat
  47. Castigate
    To punish, chastise, criticize severely
  48. Catalyst
    Something to cause change
  49. Congeal
    To become thick or solid
  50. Copious Abundant, plentiful
  51. Skillful, dexterous
  52. Leader, usually appealing to emotion
  53. Expend, payout, distribute
  54. Blockhead, a dull, stupid person
  55. Deceitfulness, Double-dealing
  56. Hasten, dispatch quickly, execute promptly
    Fallible Liable to err, capable of making a mistake
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