Course 2, Lesson 16, Cell Physiology

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  1. /ase
    enzyme suffix
  2. iso/
    same, equal
  3. /ity (noun)
    the state of
  4. /phase (noun)
    phase or portion
  5. /static (adj)
    control, hold in
  6. active transport
    uses energy to transport elements across a membrane
  7. anabolic
    relating to building up a molecule
  8. anabolism
    building up a molecule
  9. anaphase
    one of the phases of cell reproduction
  10. anucleate
    without nuclei
  11. binucleate
    cells with two nuclei
  12. C, carbon
    element in protein
  13. hexa/
  14. catabolic
    relating to breaking down a molecule
  15. centromere
    point where two chromatids join
  16. chromatid
    one of the paired chromosome strands
  17. concentration gradient
    difference in concentration between two areas
  18. daughter cell
    • in cell reproduction
    • two cells with identical nuclei
  19. dialysis
    diffusion of particles dissolved in water
  20. diffusion
    method of passive transport of elements across a membrane
  21. electrolyte
    element with a charge
  22. ferr/o
  23. Fe, iron
    a trace element
  24. filtration
    method of passive transport that pushes molecules through a membrane
  25. functional
    functional protein carries out the work that a cell does
  26. ferrous
    relating to iron
  27. H, hydrogen
    element in protein
  28. hydrostatic
    water pressure
  29. hypertonic
    solution with more solutes than cytoplasm of cell
  30. hypertonicity
    state of being hypertonic
  31. hypotonic
    a solution with fewer solutes than a cell
  32. hypotonicity
    state of being hypotonic
  33. I, iodine
    trace element
  34. interphase
    period between mitotic activity
  35. ion
    element with a charge
  36. isotonic
    fluids with same concentration of solutes as cytoplasm
  37. K, potassium
    trace element
  38. metabolic
    relating to basic function of cell
  39. metabolism
    basic function of cell
  40. metaphase
    one of the phases of cell reproduction
  41. tonic
    producing and restoring normal tone
  42. tonicity
    condition of concentration of solutes
  43. multi/
  44. multinucleate
    cell with many nuclei
  45. N, nitrogen
    element in protein
  46. Na, sodium
    trace element
  47. osm/o
  48. osmosis
    diffusion of water
  49. passive transport
    particles move across a membrane without using energy
  50. permease
    chemical that carries another molecule across cell membrane
  51. phagocytosis
    "eating" method of bringing material into the cell
  52. pin/o
  53. pinocytosis
    "sipping" method of bringing material into the cell
  54. prophase
    one of the phases of cell reproduction
  55. proteins
    important building of cells
  56. selective permeability
    ability to choose which things pass through a membrane
  57. sodium pump
    permease that carries sodium
  58. solute
    substance dissolved in a solvent
  59. structural
    type of protein to build new cells and cell parts
  60. tel/o
  61. telophase
    one of the phases of cell reproduction
  62. crenate, crenation
    collapsed cell
  63. trace element
    very small amounts of elements
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