Greek Vocabulary

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  1. 'αγλαοσ, 'η, 'ον
    bright, shining, splendid, glorious
  2. "αγ-ω, "αξω, "ηγαγον
    lead, drive, conduct, bring
  3. αειδ-ω, 'αεισω, "ηεισα
    sing (of), hymn, chant
  4. 'αλλα'
    but, moreover
  5. "αλλη
  6. "αλλοσ, η, ο
    other, another
  7. 'αν- ('α- before consanants)
    an inseparable prefix: not, un-, dis-, -less, without
  8. 'ανα', "αω
    • adv.; prep. with gen. dat. and acc.
    • up(on), along, up through, thereon, high on; adv., (up)on, thereon; with dat., (up)on, along; with acc., through(out), up through
  9. 'ανα-βαινω, 'αναβησω, 'ανεβησα
    go up, ascend
  10. ανασσω, αναξω, ηναξα
    rule (over), guard, protect
  11. ανδανω, αδησω, εαδον
  12. α-περεισιοσ, η, ον
    boundless, countless, immeasurable
  13. aπο-λυ-ω, απολυσω, απελυσα
    loose, set free
  14. Αργειοσ, ον, ο
    • Argive, Greek
  15. αριστοσ, η, ον
    best, noblest, bravest
  16. α-τιμαξω, ατιμασω, ητιμασα
    dishonor, slight, insult
  17. Ατρειδησ, αο, ο
    son of Atreus (usually referring to Agamemnon)
  18. αυτισ
    (back) again, anew
  19. αποινα, ων, τα
    ransom (s)
  20. αυτοσ, η, ο
    self, him(self), her(self), it (self), same
  21. Αχαιοσ, ον, ο
    • Achaean, Greek
  22. βαινω, βησω, εβησα
    come, go, walk
  23. βουλη, ησ, η
    plan, will, wish, purpose, counsel, council
  24. γαρ
    for, in fact
  25. Δαναοσ, ου, ο
    Danaan, Greek
  26. δε
    and, but, for, so
  27. -δε
    with acc. : to
  28. δεινοσ, η, ον
    terrible, awful, dread(ful), fearful
  29. δια
    • adv., and prep. with gen. and acc. :: through, by means of, on account of;
    • adv. :: betwen, among;
    • with gen. :: through;
    • with acc. :: through, by means of, on account of, during
  30. διτ-Φιλοσ, η, ον
    dear to Zeus, beloved of Zeus
  31. διοσ, α, ον
    divine, godlike, glorious, heavenly
  32. ειρω, ερεω, ειπον
    speak, say, tell
  33. εισ (εσ)
    adv., and prep. with acc. :: into, to; until, therein
  34. εισι(ν)
  35. εκ (εξ)
    adv. and prep. with gen. :: out of, (away) from
  36. εκατομ-βη, ησ, η
    hecatomb, sacrifice
  37. (ε)κεινοσ, η, ο
    that (one), he, she, it
  38. εκη-βολοσ, ον, ο
    • free-shooter, epithet of Apollo
  39. ελωριον, ον, το
    booty, spoil(s), prey
  40. εμοσ, η, ον
    my, mine
  41. εν(ι), ειν
    adv. and prep. with dat. :: in, among, at, on, there (in,-on)
  42. επι
    • adv. and prep. with gen., dat., and acc. :: to, (up)on, against, by;
    • adv. :: (up)on, thereon;
    • with gen. :: (up) on, over, during;
    • with dat. :: up(on), in, for, about, against, at, beside, by;
    • with acc. :: to, up to, over, (up)on
  43. εργον, ον, το
    work, deed, accomplishment, feat
  44. εσ =
  45. εστι(ν)
  46. εχω, εξχ, εσχον
    have, hold, keep
  47. ην
  48. ησαν
  49. θαλασσα, ησ, η
  50. θανατοσ, ον, ο
  51. θεα, ασ, η
  52. -θεν
    gen. ending :: from
  53. θεοσ, ον, ο
    god, divinity
  54. θυμοσ, ον, ο
    heart, soul, spirit, courage, passion
  55. Ιλιοσ, ον, η
    Illium, Troy, the Troad
  56. και
    and, also, even, furthermore
  57. και....και
    both....and, not only.....but also
  58. καιω, κανσω, εκηα
    burn, consume
  59. κακοσ, η, ον
    bad, poor, ugly, mean, cowardly, wicked, evil
  60. καλοσ, η, ον
    good(ly), noble, brave, fair, righteous, beautiful, handsome
  61. κατα-καιω, κατα-κανσω, κατεκηα
    burn (down), consume
  62. κεινοσ, η, ο =
    • εκεινοσ, η, ο
  63. Κιλλα, ησ, η
    Cilla, a town in the Troad
  64. κλαγγη, ησ, η
    clang, noise, shriek, (up)roar
  65. Κλυταιμ(ν)ηστρη, ησ, η
  66. κλεθω, εκλθον
    hear, hearken to
  67. λαοσ, ον, ο
    people, host, soldiery
  68. λυω, λυσω, ελυσα
    loose, free, break up, destroy
  69. μαντοσυνη, ησ, η
    gift of prophesy
  70. μεγα-θυμοσ, η, ον
  71. μετ-εειπον
    spoke among, addressed
  72. μυριοι, αι, α
    countless, innumerable
  73. νουσοσ, ον, η
    plaque, pest(ilence), disease
  74. ο, η, το
    this, that; he, she, it; who, which, what
  75. οικοσ, ον, ο
    house, home
  76. οιωνοσ, ου, ο
    bird (of prey), vulture, omen
  77. ολεκ-ω
    kill, destroy, ruin
  78. Oλυμπιοσ, η, ον
  79. Ολυμποσ, ον, ο
  80. οσ, η, ο
    who, which, what
  81. οτε
  82. ου (ουκ, ουχ)
    not, no
  83. ουνεκα
  84. οχα
    far, by far, much, considerably
  85. πατρη, ησ, η
    fatherland, native land
  86. πειθο, πεισω, επιεσα
    persuade, win over, mislead
  87. πεμπω, πεμψω, επεμψα
    send, escort, conduct
  88. Πηλειαδησ, αο, ο
    • son of Peleus, Achilles
  89. πολλοσ, η, ον
    much, many, numerous
  90. Πριαμοσ, ον, ο
    • Priam, king of Troy
  91. προσ-εειπον
    spoke to, addressed
  92. πυρνη, ησ, η
    (funeral) pyre
  93. σκηπτρον, ον, το
    sceptre, staff
  94. σοσ, ση σον
    your, yours
  95. στρατοσ, ον, ο
    army, encampment, host
  96. τε
    and, also
  97. τε....τε (και)
    both...and, not only....but also
  98. τελειω, τελεω, ετελεσα
    accomplish, fulfill, perform
  99. τευχω, τευξω, ετευξα
    do, make, perform, cause, fashion, prepare
  100. τισ, τι
    who? which? what? why?
  101. τοτε
    then, at that time
  102. Φερω, οισω, ηνεικα
    bear, bring, carry
  103. Φιλε-ω, Φιλησω, εΦιλησα
    love, cherish, entertain hospitably
  104. Φιλοσ, η, ον
    dear, darling, lovely, beloved
  105. χολο-ω, χολωσω, εχολωσα
    anger, enrage, vex
  106. χρυσεοσ, η, ον
    gold(en), of gold
  107. Χρυσησ, αο, ο
    Chryses, a priest
  108. Ψυχη, ησ, η
    soul, live, breath, spirit
  109. χειρ, χειροσ, η
    hand, arm
  110. στεμμα, ματοσ, το
    fillet, wreath
  111. πασ, πασα, παν
    all, every, (the) whole
  112. νηυσ, νηοσ, η
  113. μαλιστα
    most, especially, by all means
  114. λισσομαι, ελ(λ)ισομην
    beg, entreat
  115. κοσμντωρ, οροσ, ο
    commander, marshaller
  116. θυγατηρ, τεροσ, η
  117. θοοσ, η, ον
    swift, speedy
  118. ερχομαι, ελευσομαι, ηλθον
    come, go
  119. δυο
  120. αρητηρ, ηροσ, ο
    priest, pray-er
  121. Απολλων, ωνοσ, ο
  122. νιοσ, ου, ο
  123. πρωτοσ; το προωτον, τα πρωτα
    first, formost, chief; at first, firstly, first
  124. ορ-νυμι, ορσω, ωρσα
    stir up, kindle, incite, excite, arouse
  125. ξθν-ι-ηυι, η-, ξυνηκα
    bring together, throw together, hearken, heed
  126. μαχ-ομαι
    fight, battle
  127. Λητω, Λητοοσ, η
    Leto, mother of Apollo
  128. ερισ, ιδοσ, η
    strife, quarrel
  129. εριξω, ηρισ(σ)α
    quarrel, strive
  130. δι-ι-στημι, διαστησω, διετησα
    stand apart, separate
  131. δη
    indeed, truly, forsooth, now
  132. Βασιλευσ, ηοσ, ο
    king, ruler
  133. αρ(α), (ρα)
    naturally, of course, as you know, as you might expect, that is, in effect
  134. ανηρ, ανεροσ, ο
    (real) man, warrior, hero
  135. αναξ, ανακτοσ, ο
    king, lord, protector
  136. τi-θημι, θησω, εθηκα
    put, place, cause
  137. προ-ιαπ-τω, προιαψω, προιαψα
    hurl forward, send forth
  138. ουλομενοσ, η, ον
    accursed, destructive, deadly (=ολομενοσ)
  139. μηνισ, ιοσ, η
    wrath, fury, madness, rage
  140. κυων, κυνοσ, ο, η
  141. ιΦθιμοσ, (η), ον
    mighty, valiant, stout-hearted, brave
  142. ηρωσ, ηρωοσ
    hero, mighty warrior, protector, savior
  143. Ζευσ, Διοσ, ο Ζευσ
    Zeus, father and king of gods and men
  144. Αχιλλευσ, ηοσ, ο
  145. ακγοσ, εοσ, το
    grief, pain, woe, trouble
  146. Aισ, Aιδοσ, ο
    Hades, god of the lower world
  147. δαισ, δαιτοσ, η
    feast, banquet, portion

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