Course 2, Lesson 18

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  1. log/o
    the study of
  2. surgeon
    one who performs surgery
  3. onc/o
  4. orth/o
  5. rheumat/o
    • watery discharge
    • rheumatic condition
  6. /vention
  7. neo/
  8. esthesi/o
    • perception
    • sensation
  9. physician
  10. allergist
    one who specializes in study of allergies
  11. anesthesiology
    study of evaluation and treatment during surgery under anesthesia
  12. anesthesiologist
    one who specializes in anesthesiology
  13. cardiologist
    one who specializes in cardiology
  14. cardiology
    study of the heart
  15. cardiovascular surgery
    surgery on heart and large blood vessels
  16. cardiovascular surgeon
    one who specializes in surgery of heart and large blood vessels
  17. clinical
    treat disease with medicine
  18. DO
    academic degree for graduate of osteopathic medical school
  19. dermatologist
    one who specializes in study of skin
  20. FBCS
    Fellow, British College of Surgeons
  21. family medicine
    general practice
  22. family physician
    one who specializes in family medicine
  23. fellow
    member of specialty organization called a college
  24. forensic pathology
    study of disease used inlegal proceedings
  25. dermatology
    study of skin
  26. diagnostic medical sonography
    diagnosis through a picture a sound
  27. diplomate
    board certified
  28. emergency medicine
    medicine for acutely ill or trauma patient
  29. emergency medicine specialist
    one who specializes in emergency medicine
  30. gastroenterology
    study of gastrointestinal system
  31. gastroenterologist
    one who specializes in study of gastrointestinal system
  32. general surgery
    surgery on adult
  33. general surgeon
    one who specializes in general surgery
  34. geriatrics
    study of elderly
  35. endocrinology
    study of endocrine system
  36. endocrinologist
    one who specializes in study of endocrine system
  37. FACM
    Fellow, American College of Medicine
  38. FACOG
    Fellow, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  39. FACS
    Fellow, American College of Surgeons
  40. gerontologist
    one who specializes in study of elderly
  41. gynecologist
    one who specializes in gynecology
  42. gynecology
    study of reproductive system in non-pregnant women
  43. hematologist
    one who specializes in study of blook and lymph
  44. hematology
    study of blood and lymph
  45. infectious disease
    disease caused by pathogenic microorganism
  46. infectious disease specialist
    one who specializes in disease by infection
  47. intern
    advanced student who assists in hospital
  48. internal medicine
    medicine related to adult
  49. internist
    one who specializes in internal medicine
  50. nuclear medicine
    branch of medicine using x-ray, sound waves and magnetic fields
  51. obstetrician
    one who specializes in pregnancy and childbirth
  52. obstetrics
    study of pregnancy and childbirth
  53. oncologist
    one who specializes in study of cancer
  54. oncology
    study of cancer
  55. interventional radiology
    medicine using x-rays, magnetic fields
  56. MD
    "Medicinae Doctor"
  57. neonatologist
    one who specializes in study of newborn
  58. neonatology
    study of newborn
  59. nephrologist
    one who specializes in nephrology
  60. opthalmology
    study of eye
  61. ophthalmologist
    one who specializes in study of eye
  62. orthopedic surgery
    surgery of musculoskeletal system
  63. orthopedic curgeon
    one who specializes in surgery of musculoskeletal system
  64. otolaryngology
    study of ear, larynx, head, neck, tracheobronchial, tree and esophagus
  65. nephrology
    study of kidney
  66. neurologist
    one who specializes in the nervous system
  67. neurology
    study of nervous system
  68. neurosurgeon
    specialist in surgery of neurological system
  69. neurosurgery
    surgery of nervous system
  70. pathologist
    one who studies disease
  71. pathology
    study of disease
  72. pediatric cardiologist
    one who studies heart and blood vessels in a child
  73. pediatric dermatologist
    one who studies skin of a child
  74. pediatric hematologist
    one who studies blood and lymph of a child
  75. pediatric oncologist
    one who studies cancer in a child
  76. pediatric surgery
    surgery on a child
  77. pediatrician
    one who specializes in study of children
  78. pediatrics
    study of children
  79. perinatology
    subspecialty of obstetrics
  80. peripheral vascular surgery
    surgery on outlying blood vessels
  81. plastic surgery
    surgery concerned with reconstruction
  82. preventive medicine
    study and practice which aims to prevent disease
  83. preventive medicine specialist
    one who practices preventive medicine
  84. psychiatrist
    one who specializes in study of emotions and biochemical imbalances
  85. psychiatry
    study of emotions and biochemical imbalances
  86. pulmonary medicine
    branch of medicine concerned with lungs
  87. pulmonary medicine specialist
    one who specializes in study of lungs
  88. radiation therapy
    therapy using x-rays and sound waves
  89. radiation therapist
    one who specializes in radiation therapy
  90. radiologist
    one who specializes in use of x-rays
  91. radiology
    study of use of x-rays, sound waves
  92. diagnostic radiology
    radiology used to diagnose
  93. rehabilitation medicine
    branch of medicine concerned with restoration of form and function after illness
  94. rehabilitation medicine specialist
    one who specializes in rehabilitation medicine
  95. resident
    licensed physician who practices under guidance of experienced specialist
  96. phrumatology
    study of joints and immune system
  97. rheumatologist
    one who specializes in rheumatology
  98. specialist
    physician who limits practice to one organ system
  99. specialization
    act of specializing
  100. specialize
    focus on one area or organ
  101. specialty
    area of focus
  102. sports medicine
    field of medicine concerned with injuries sustained in athletic endeavors
  103. subspecialty
    a particular area of specialty
  104. surgical
    pertaining to surgery
  105. surgical oncology
    surgery on tumors
  106. surgical oncologist
    one who performs surgery for tumors
  107. thoracic surgery
    surgery on chest
  108. thoracic surgeon
    one who performs chest surgery
  109. transplant sugery
    surgery to transfer one part to another
  110. urologist
    one who specializes in urology
  111. urology
    study of urinary and male reproductive system
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