World History midterm

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  1. Leonardo de Vinci was not what
    an author
  2. The inca kept records using a sytem of knotted strings called what?
  3. Who occupied Spain and Italy until the oserogoths took control of italy in the 5th century
  4. Peasants leagally bound to the land were called what?
  5. What happened to the Europea population in the high middle ages?
    It doubled
  6. What is the system in which the ruler holds total power?
  7. Guilds are?
    A business associations
  8. In 1518, a Spanish ship carried the first boat load of what?
    African slaves
  9. By what year did calvinism and catholicism become highly militant religions
  10. Philip II went bankrupt after spending too much money on
    the war
  11. How long did a vassel perform milirary service?
    40 day a year
  12. The jaguar is the god of ?
  13. Who did the Aztect think Cortez looked like?
  14. the dominican order was founded by what spanish preist
    Dominic de Guzman
  15. What was Europes werst natural disaster
    The black Plague
  16. Who was the founder of the mongul dynasty
  17. The Iroquois lived in villageds that consisted of
  18. What was the first mahor cityin mesoamerca
  19. The Shittes believed that the shah was what?
    A direct successor of muhammad
  20. What is an annual direct tax, usually on land or property
  21. Spains two strongest kingdoms, castill and aragon, were united when what happened
    Isabella married Ferdinand
  22. What does renaissance mean?
  23. Why didn't Michaelangelo watn to paint the Sistine chapel?
    It wasnt his trade but he needed the money
  24. What is a fresco?
    a Form of painting
  25. Acording to Castiglione's book, The Book of the Courtier, a noble should do all of the folloing except
    Farm the land
  26. What did the Humanist of the renaissance not stress
    Practical tool skills
  27. Luther taught that justification by faith (being made right before god was what?
    Not sufficient to be saved.
  28. The Anabaptists believed that
    Church and state should be separate
  29. The belief that God determined in advanced who would be saved is called
  30. Amount paid by a wrongdoer to the family of the person he or she had injured or killed
  31. Land at the mouth of the Seine river given to a band of Vikings by the Franks
  32. Document of the rights established after a rebellion during the reihn of king john.
    magna carta
  33. what were some effects of the slave trade in benin
    population declined and warfare increased
  34. who explored the new england coastline of the amerecas for england
    john cabot
  35. what did the southern coast of west africa become known as to the europeans
    gold coast
  36. what emprie was known as the gunpowder empire
    the ottoman empire
  37. what was the journey of slaves from africa to the americas called
    middle passage
  38. The number of people almost doubled between the years ____ and _____.
    1000 and 1300
  39. By the late 1200s what was englands most populated city
  40. Who was the most famous dramatist during the Elizabethn era
    William shakespear
  41. What major city in mesoamerica mean "place of the gods"
  42. which good did francisco pizzaro not bring when he arrived on the pacific
    Corn, that isht was allready there....nigga
  43. Who wrote an account of their experences known "the travels"
    marco polo
  44. what established portuguese control of the spice trade
    a treaty
  45. how did many slaves die
  46. who drove the english out of the spcie market
    The dutch
  47. in 1519, a spanish force under the command of who landed at veracruz on the gulf of mexico
    herman cortes
  48. What king was considered the most catholic
    Philip the II
  49. When Queen Elizabeth died in 1603 what dynast came to an end?
    the tudor
  50. What is a mercenary
    A soldier for hire
  51. Who were the huguenotes
    french protestants
  52. what group of people were often accused of whitchcraft
    common people
  53. What was the key to king luis XIV's power
    his strict routine from which he seldom deviated
  54. after takiong a trip to teh west what did peter the great want to do to russia
  55. What did baroque artists try to bring together
    renaissance art and 16th century religion
  56. who separates himself from ordinary human society in order to pursue a life of total dedication to god
  57. Who were people who were sent out to carry a religious message
  58. aristocratic women didnt manage what?
    the church
  59. who werked lived in convents and prayed
  60. the chief officer to a frankish king was the
    mayor of the palace
  61. what was the relationship between the lords and vassals called
  62. who didnt invade the lands of rome
  63. why were thne prtuguese the ifrst successful european explorere
    they were well developed in the ways of guns and seamnaship
  64. what did the reaty of tordesaillas do?
    established a line of demarcation

    gave unexplored territories to portugal

    gave spain rights to almost all of the americas
  65. who were the conquistadores?
  66. what was not an effect of the slave trade
    increase of stronger men and women in the communities
  67. in order the encourage trade between flanders and italy
    initiated a series of trade fairs in the chiefs town of the territory
  68. heavy, wheeled plow with an iron plowshare
  69. the struggle between henry the IV and Gregory VII was known as
    the investiture controversy
  70. literature that was written in the language of everyday speech in a particular region
  71. the chief task of who was to harmonize chrisitan teachings with the works of greek philosiphors
  72. what is a tepee
    streatching buffalo sking over wooden poles
  73. who first greeted corest when he arrived at tenochtitlan
  74. what was an agricultural estate run by a lord worked by peasants.
  75. where were the medieval trade routes
  76. what was the denial of basic church doctrines
  77. what war was called "the last of the religious wars"
    30 years war
  78. after mazarin died who took over power of the supreme court
    louis XIV
  79. elizabeth tried to keep spain and france from becoming too powerfull by
    balancing power
  80. what is an armada
    a fleet of warships
  81. peter the great coined what title
  82. what was the first major city in mesoamerica
  83. what major city has been identified as the oldest major city in the amaricas
  84. what are two major mountain ranges on the western side of the amricas
    rockys and the andes
  85. sun dried bricks are called what
  86. when did the italian renaissance begin
  87. what did geoffry chaucer write
    canterbury tales
  88. in 1505, what did leonardo da vinci paint
    mona lisa
  89. the lifestyle of monks is
  90. afte charlemagne, western europe wasnt attacked by who
    bantu peoples
  91. grant of land to a vassal is
  92. a separation is a
  93. the vassals duties did not involve
    running markets
  94. owners of large landed estates did not inuclude who
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