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  1. sensitivity
    • -ability to identify persons with the disease
    • - true positives/ (true positives+false negatives)
  2. specificity
    • -ability to identify those without disease
    • -true negatives/ (true negatives+false positives)
  3. pandemic
    epidemic in at least 2 geographical regions
  4. primordial prevention
    • avoid emergence of patterns of living that are known to elevate risk of disease
    • - increase taxes on cigs
  5. secondary prevention
    • target people in early stages of disease to prevent progression, seeks to improve prognosis
    • - TB skin test
  6. tertiary prevention
    • target persons with established symptomatic disease to halt or rehab
    • - tx and followup of COPD patients
  7. primary prevention
    • targets asymptomatic persons to prevent disease
    • - vaccination and smoking cessation programs
  8. positive predictive value
    true positives/(true positives + false positives)
  9. negative predictive values
    true negatives/ (true negatives + false negatives)
  10. 6 dimensions of wellness
    • Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, Occupational, Emotional
    • PISS Old English
  11. abuse
    • - binge (5 or more drinks)
    • - use leads to avoiding or missing social obs, DWI, arrest
    • - use despite knowledge of ill health
    • - use despite affects on relationship
  12. dependence
    within one year the individual experiences 3 or more problems including tolerance or withdrawl
  13. CAGE
    • - tried to Cut down?
    • - Annoyed by criticism
    • - Guilty about drinking
    • - Eye opener
    • - 2+ is indicative of a drinkng problem
  14. genetic testing
    used when you suspect an individual will develop a particular genetic disease
  15. genetic screening
    when a genetic disorder in sommon in an area, the population will be tested
  16. 3 releases from confidentiality
    • -danger to self
    • -danger to others
    • -not in control
  17. Types of variables
    • Categorical(qualitative)
    • a. nominal- exclusive and unordered
    • b. ordinal- exclusive and ordered

    • Numerical
    • a. discrete- counted integer values
    • b. continuous- measured value in a range of values
  18. categorical (qualatative) variable expression
    expressed as a percentage
  19. quantatative variable expression
    • location and spread
    • (curve)
  20. type 1 error
    rejection of a null hypothesis when it is true
  21. type 2 error
    accept the null hypothesis when it is false

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