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  1. don't use e-stim if the person
    • has a pacemaker
    • has a history of seizure
    • is pregnant
    • has an embedded neural stimulator
    • is hungry\angry\very tired\very full\intoxicated
    • has cardiac arrhythmias
    • has an active infection
    • uses gold therapy
    • has vagus nerve dysfunction
    • has a fever
    • has pain of uknown origin
  2. don't use etim
    • across or around metal implants (hip, knees, metal plates)
    • across heart
    • across spine
    • across tumors
  3. indications of e stim
    • generally same diseases\patterns as acupuncture
    • especially reccomended for neuralgia\nervous paralysis
    • auricular therapy
    • scalp acupuncture
    • joint\limb pain
    • pre\post op
    • weight loss
    • sport injuries, muscle spasms
    • scar therapy
    • anesthesia
  4. un
    • caution with pregnant women
    • hypertensive, had CVA or TIA monitor when using on head
    • careful with unstable spine
    • can aggravate acutely painful neurogenic pain
    • stimulation that causes muscle contraction can bend\break needles
    • stimulation should NEVER be painful
    • make sure intenstiy knobs are turned all the way down
    • make sure unit is off
    • before attaching to needles
    • before detaching from needles
  5. estim contraindications
    • hungry, angry, tired, full, drunk
    • cardiac arrhythmias *do not put electrical path across heart*
    • don't pass current through metal implant (ie hip replacement)
    • pace makers
    • using gold therapy for RA
    • pain of uknown origin
    • cancer
    • active infection or fever
    • epilepsy
    • pregnancy (except to induce labor)
    • vagus nerve dysfunction
    • FDA- electrical current should not be passed directly through a tumor or across the head of a patient with a seizure disorder
  6. s stim afterccare
    • avoid hot bath
    • avoid vigorous exercise
  7. interferes with EA
    • limited delayed effects: coedine, diazepam, corticosteroids
    • IDopa (for Parkinson's)
    • Botox
    • MAOI inhibitors (depression)
    • drug addiction
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