Cell Biology Final

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  1. What is extracellular matris?
    • ECM is made of collagen which is resistant to crushing or crushing
    • This what gives bones their strength
  2. Four types of tissue
    connective, epithelial, nervous, muscular
  3. Collagen is the major componet of (what)?
    Collagen is secreted by what?
    Describe the struture of collagen
    • Collegan is the major component of the ECM (extracelluar matrix)
    • Collegan is secreted by the procollagen
    • long, stiff triple stranded helcial structure polypeptide --> secreted outside the cell in procollegan form which then matrix proteases will remodel it and it will orient into the correct manner
  4. What is fibronetin?
    attaches collegan to cells provides important linkage
  5. What is integrins?
    Integrins are transmembrane proteins connect the cytoskeleton to the ECM
  6. What is the ECM and what are the important components:
    • Extracellular matrix secretes cells; made of collagen resisting crushing, gives support and strength
    • ECM is made of collagen, fibronetction, laminin fibers, integrins, proteoglycan gel
  7. What makes up 25% of the total protein mass?
  8. What are proteoglycans and GAGs?
    Proteoglycans are extracellular proteins which link to GAGs

    GAGs are specific sugar oligosachrides (negative charge)
  9. Details about GAGs:
    • Strong hydrophilic --> attract water --> swell which leads to huge volume compared to their mass
    • Gel like protein; repeat dissachrides
    • GAGs form large collection with proteins to form proteoglycans
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