Atlas & Axis, Vertebrae AP, Open mouth

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  1. SID"
    40" VGD
  2. IR
    8x10 LW
  3. PT
    upright, arms @ sides, shoulders same plane
  4. Part
    open mouth wide, upper occlusal plane to mastoid tip ┴ IR
  5. IRC
    Center MSP to ML VGD
  6. CR
    ┴ MP open mouth
  7. ID
    right, face up, 2" in from mid 10" IR border
  8. CM
  9. Resp
    softly phonate "ah" to avoid tongue shadow
  10. SN
    do not keep in final, strained position too long, remove dentures
  11. SS
    AP atlas + axis through open mouth
  12. EC
    dens, atlas, axis, + C1+C2 articulations superimpos occlusal surface upper incisors + skull base, wide open mouth, tongue shadow not over atlas + axis, mand rami equidistant dens
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Atlas & Axis, Vertebrae AP, Open mouth
Atlas & Axis, Vertebrae AP, Open mouth
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