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Fat Sam
2011-12-04 17:41:51

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  1. Good evening and welcome to
    the Grand Slam, Speak Easy.
    Dhe biggest and Dhe best joint in town.
    And just a small part of my
    Manhattan Empire.
    • New York is Dhe centre of my business.
    • But I got serious plans to expand into
    • Chicago, Las Vegas and LA.
  2. It ain’t an easy matter
    running a business of Dhis magni…magni…
    You know…. of Dhis size.
    • And guys like,
    • Snake Eyes, Ritzy and Luigi
    • Are Joes of Dhe very highest calib…calib…
    • You know..high class operators.
  3. Dhey have been with me for years.
    I’d trust them with my life.

    (Frowning) well I Dhink I would….
    (Smiling) Yeah, I’m sure I would.
    • To be frank,
    • I’m having a little trouble at Dhis very moment in time
    • with a dumb broad.
    • Who Dhinks she can move in on my rackets…..
    • I mean, my operations….
    • Stoopid eh!
    • I try to be reasonable,
    • But Dhings might get a little messy,
    • If she don’t wise up …. And fast.
  4. Speaking of broads….
    I’m taking my girl Tallulah
    out tonight,
    So I best be goin,
    • Enjoy your evening folks.
    • Drink all you can….
    • Play Dhe tables….
    • Keep me in Dhe style I’ve become accus….accus
    • You Know, …in Dhe style I’ve got used to!