Thoracic Vertebrae, Lateral

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  1. PT
    exact left lateral recumbent
  2. Part
    horizontal vertebral column, radiolucent support under waist, flex hips and knees, arms forward @ rt angles, true lateral - no rotation
  3. IR C
    center post 1/2 thorax to MLT
  4. CR
    ┴ T7 ... level inferior angles of scapulae
  5. ID
    left, face up, mid-front IR border
  6. SN
    place leaded rubber on TT behind pt's spine to reduce scatter radiation
  7. SS
    lat T5 to T12 bodies showing interspaces, IV foramina + lower spinous processes
  8. EC
    clear vert thru ribs + lungs, posterior ribs superimposed (no rotation), wide exposure latitude, close collimation
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Thoracic Vertebrae, Lateral
Thoracic Vertebrae, Lateral
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