6th Grade Animal Systems Test

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  1. The ____________ system is like a chemistry lab which breaks down complex ___________ and ______________ into simple chemicals
    • digestive
    • proteins
    • starch
  2. The __________________ receives much of the food which is dissolved in the small intestine
    blood (or bloodstream)
  3. Digestion begins in the _________________
  4. Another name for the large intestine is the __________________
  5. The "conveyer belt" which circulates nutrients throughout the body is the ______________
  6. The large artery leaving the heart is called the ____________________
    aorta (be sure you can spell it)
  7. A lack of iron in the blood is an unhealthy condition known as _________________
    anemia (be sure you can spell it.)
  8. Which blood type can be given to anyone?
  9. Carbon dioxide is a ______________ product carried by the ___________________ back to the heart
    • waste
    • blood
  10. The internal organs which filter the blood are the ____________________
  11. ___________, along with vitamins and regular exercise, is required to develop strong muscles
  12. The kind of muscles that are made of numerous fibers are called ________________
    striated (be sure you can spell it)
  13. The heart is called the ______________ muscle
    cardiac (be sure you can spell it)
  14. The upper arm bone is called the ___________________
    humerus (be sure you can spell it)
  15. The knee cap is also called the ______________
    patella (be sure you can spell it)
  16. True or false: Teeth are part of the digestive system
  17. When food leaves the stomach it is (choose 1):
    completely digested
    partly digested
    finished with the digestive system
    yucky (ok, I added this one just for fun)
    partly digested
  18. The excretory system has been designed to (choose 1):

    remove waste products of the digestive system
    eliminate waste produced by the colon
    remove unwanted products of body cells
    all of the above
    all of the above
  19. The average human pulse rate is ___ beats/minute
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