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  1. temperture of hot water thaht skin can withstand
  2. where is the sternum located
    front of thorax
  3. what does blood draining through lungs do?
    remove carbon
  4. respiratory system takes out
  5. connective tissue structure supports
    memory scar information
  6. waht technique do you use to massage between joint
  7. crusty , scaly skin
    squamous cell carinoma
  8. bilateral unilateral and lateral flecion on neck. what muscle?
  9. fist four lumber nerves do what
    lumber plexus, femoral nerve, saphenous nerve(inner vatges lower back and anterior aslect of the legs)
  10. a system of body deals with the blood ,vein. capillaries
    cardiovascular system, circulatory system
  11. law 5,10,15
    • 5 notify the board pmt
    • 10 designate new pmt
    • after 15 license will be suspended
  12. the apprenteice license can be revoked of all happens except
    change SMT with written request
  13. pmt'sa license can ve revoked if
    abandoning premises
  14. what nerve supplies the foot and toe
  15. sciatic nerve supplies
    sciati (tibial nerce peroneal nerve)
  16. what supports the upper layer of skin
  17. ligament is
    pearly white elastic fiber. conect bone to bone
  18. tendon is
    connect bone to muscle
  19. lower back muscle
    QL quadratus lumborum
  20. vein inflammation
  21. why massage abdomen clock wise
  22. what is homeostasis
    relative constancy
  23. soap is
    subject, object, assessment, plan
  24. ANS
    autonomic nervous system
  25. centripetal
    toword the heart

  26. oil gland
    sebaceous gland
  27. reflex
    most simple nerve action which involves sensory nerve and motor nerve
  28. knw the cenefits of massage
    relax increase blood circulation
  29. knw definition of lesion
    damaged tissue caused by disease
  30. ulcer
    open sore erosion of skin
  31. what joint does not rotate
    elbow humeral joint (上腕の肩)
  32. bone of the palm of hand
  33. what does icing do?
    decrease circulation, reduce pain
  34. hydrotherapy
    hydrotherapy is a component of the spa environment, sports treatment and health care. watar can be used in many different way
  35. bolsters can be used on
    uuder knee, neck,abdomen, snkle
  36. where are the lats (latissimus dorsi) located?
    lower back (anatomy book 73)
  37. tapotement/percussion can be used slaooing and hacking(めった内にする)on all areas except
    bony area, kidney area, neck
  38. the tibia also called
    shin bone
  39. synovial fluid
    lubricates joint = synovial joint
  40. SCM s actions
    tilts/rotate head, contra lateral rotation flex neck
  41. what extends the little finger
    exteusor digiti minimi
  42. master gland
    pituitary gland
  43. effleurage
    glinding stroke
  44. CNS
    cnetral nerve system
  45. ulna is what to the radius
  46. what muscle is found in the lower leg?
    gastronimius, soleus, penomius longus, penomius brevis (p93)
  47. what does massaging just the superficial layer of skin do?
    relax, increase blood circulation
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