Fetal Pig

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  1. Anus
    Opening of rectum, undigest food particles excreted.
  2. Facial Nerve
    Sensory/motor nerve originates from Medulla Oblongata and innervates the facial and digastric muscles, taste buds, and salivary glands.
  3. Mandibular Gland
    Secrete milk to nourish young.
  4. Hard Palate
    Bony plate separating rostral portion of oral cavity from the nasopharynx in mammals.
  5. Parotid Duct
    Small canal leading from the parotid gland to oral cavity through which the parotid gland releases salivary enzymes into mouth.
  6. Parotid Gland
    Rather large salivary gland located near the ear of pig.
  7. Larynx
    Enlarged oval-shaped region cranial to the trachea that contains the vocal chords.
  8. Trachea
    Cartilaginous tube extending from larynx to lungs, air is transported through this.
  9. Esophagus
    Muscular passageway connecting mouth/oral cavity to stomach.
  10. Thymus
    Endocrine gland, produces Thymosin. Located near Larynx.
  11. Thyroid Gland
    oval-shaped endocrine gland located on ventral surface of trachea. Produces thyroxine and calcitonin.
  12. Lungs
  13. Heart
    Pumps blood throughout vessels.
  14. Diaphragm
    Muscular sheet used to ventilate the lungs of mammals.
  15. Liver
    Large multi-lobed organ. Secretes bile, filters toxins and nutrients from the blood and stores sugars.
  16. Gall Bladder
    Located underside of Liver. Stores bile and releases it into duodenum.
  17. Stomach
    Digestive resorvoir for food. Stores food, chemicals secreted from walls which break down food and prepare them for absorption in intenstines.
  18. Mesentry
    Connective membrane that suspends body of organs in the abdominal cavity and holds them together.
  19. Pericardial Membrane
    Thin tissue surrounding and protecting the heart.
  20. L R Ventrical
    Large muscular chamber of heart, pumps blood out of heart into artery.
  21. Coronary Arteries
    One of several small arteries that supply heart with freshly oxygenated blood.
  22. Vena Cava (cranial/caudal)
    • Cranial: Major vein returning deoxygenated blood from the upper extremities of the body to the right atrium of the heart.
    • Caudal: Major vein returning deoxygenated blood from the lower extremities of the body to the right atrium of the heart.
  23. Auricle
    flap-like outer region covering the cranial portion of the atrium.
  24. L R Atrium
    Chamber of the heart that receives blood.
  25. Common Carotid Arteries
  26. Pulmonary Artery/Vein
    • Artery: short blood vessels which [in adult] carry deoxygenated blood from the R ventricle of the heart to the lungs
    • Veins: blood vessels which [in adult] carry oxygenated blood from lungs to the left atrium of heart.
  27. Aorta
    Large artery arising from the left ventricle that distributes blood the the regions of the body.
  28. Ductus Arteriosus
    Short connection joining pulmonary trunk with the aorta and allowing a portion of the blood from trunk to enter the aorta instead of flowing to the lungs, found only in fetus.
  29. ???chiocephalic Vein/Trunk (Artery)
  30. Juglar Veins (Internal & External)
  31. Cephalic Vein
  32. Thyrocervical Trunk (Artery) [Missing]
  33. Adrenal Gland
    Endocrine gland located medial to the kidney, produces hormones which mediate responses to stressful situations and control blood pressure and carbohydrate and protein metabolism.
  34. Kidneys
    Excretory unit, filters blood creating highly concentrated metabolic by-product (urine) which is sent to urinary bladder. Also maintains homeostatic balance of salts, fluid, and ions within the body.
  35. Ureter
    Tube that transports urine from kidney to the urinary bladder for storage.
  36. Urethra
    Tube that leads from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body, transports urine and semen.
  37. Urinary Bladder
    Membranous sac that stores excreted urine from kidneys.
  38. Bulbourethral Glands
    Accessory glands of the male reproductive system located at base of penis and urethra that produce alkaline secretions that assist in lubrication during intercourse and neutralize acidity of vagina.
  39. Epididymis
    Highly coiled tubule system that cups around the testis and serves as storage and transportation canal for mature sperm.
  40. Penis
    External reproductive organ of male, deposits semen in reproductive tract of female and carries excretory wastes in form of urine out of body.
  41. Seminal Vesicles
    Accesory glands of male system located near the junction of urthra and base of penis; in pigs they secret alkaline fluids that neutralize acidity of vagina and nutrients to promote sperm motility and hormones to stimulate uterine contractions.
  42. Scrotal Sacs
    Pouch extending from the caudal region of male, contains 2 testes. Their presence helps testes to be slightly lower in temperature than rest of abdominal cavity.
  43. Umbilical Cord
    Attachment between maternal placenta and fetus which gasses, nutrients, and nitrogenous wastes are transported.
  44. Urogential Opening
    Opening of urethra (in males) or the urogenital sinus (in females) through which urine passes and is eliminated from the body.
  45. Soft Palate
    Cartilaginous region of roof of mouth that separates oral cavity from the nasal passageway, located towards back of mouth.
  46. Sublingual Gland
    Salivary gland located underneath the skin alongside the tongue of the pig.
  47. Tongue Papillae
  48. Epiglottis
    Cartilaginous flap that covers the glottis to prevent food from entering the larynx and trachea when swallowing.
  49. Glottis
    Opening in oral cavity that leads from nasopharynx to the larynx & trachea
  50. Pancreas
    Granular organ located along left margin of the duodenum. Produces digestive enzmes and a variety of hormones.
  51. Pancreatic Duct
    Canal which digestive enzymes from pancreas are transported to the duodenum.
  52. Common Bile Duct
    Tubule through which bile is transported from liver to gallbladder and gallbladder to duodenum.
  53. Spleen
    Ductless vascular organ in abdomina cavity. Stores blood, recycles worn out red blood cells and makes lymphocytes.
  54. Duodenum
    First portion of the small intestin; functions primarily in final stages of chemical digestion and begins process of nutrient absorption.
  55. Ileum
    Distal portion of small intestine extending from the jejunum to the cecum; responsible for absorption of nutrients.
  56. Jejunum
    Middle portion of small intestine extending from duodenum to ileum, responsible for nutrient absorption.
  57. Cecum
    Blind projection located at the junction of ileum and colon, serves as a sac where fermentation of cellulose occurs.
  58. Colon
    From cecum to rectum, large intestine, reabsorption of water that has been added through digestive process.
  59. Rectum
    Reabsorb water and produce dry, concentrated feces.
  60. Anus
    Opening of rectum through which undigested food (feces) expelled from body
  61. Subscapular Vein
  62. Subclavian Vein/Arteries
  63. Hepatic Portal Vein
    Large portal that carries nutrient rich and toxin laden blood from small intestines and pancrease to liver for detox and regulation before blood goes throughout rest of the body.
  64. Mesenteric Arteries/Veins
  65. External Iliac Veins/Arteries
  66. Umbilical Artery/Vein
    • Artery: Paired vessels that carry blood from fetus to the placenta
    • Vein: Single vessel that carries O2 and nutrient rich blood to the fetus from the fetal side of the placenta.
  67. Scrotum
  68. Testis
    Produces sperm and hormones (reproductive organ of male)
  69. Vas Deferens
    Tube connected to the epididymis that transports sperm from the testis through the epididymis to the urethra during ejaculation.
  70. Ovaries
    Reproductive organ in females, produces eggs and hormones
  71. Oviducts
    Tube by which the egg, leaving the ovary, is carried to the uterine horns
  72. Uterus
    Region which embryonic development occurs.
  73. Vagina
    Female reproductive canal leading from the cervis to the urogenital sinus.
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