Nervous System

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  1. Name the 5 Neuroglia Cells
    • Ependymocytes=CNS
    • Astrocytes-CNS
    • Oligodendrocytes=CNS
    • Microglial cells=CNS
    • Neurolemmocytes=PNS
  2. Describe Ependymocytes.
    epithelial cells thatt line the ventricular cavities of the CNS
  3. Describe astrocytes.
    • small cell bodies with many longer cytoplasmic extensions
    • blood/brain
    • protects the brain
  4. Describe oligodendrocytes.
    • few cytoplasmic extentions
    • wrap around the neurons
    • increase speed in signals
  5. Describe Microglial.
    • found in gray and white matter
    • form the glial limiting membranes and function in phagocytic activities
    • eat waste
    • cleaners
  6. Describe Neurolemmocytes.
    • located in PNS
    • form the neurilemma and myelin sheaths that surround the neurons in the PNS
    • increase speed of signal and nerve impulses
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