Stats Final

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  1. Trimmed Mean
    Removing the top and bottom 5%
  2. Type II Error
    Not rejecting the null hypothesis when false
  3. Type I error
    Rejecting the null hypothesis when it is true
  4. Independent Group
    Samples from different groups that has no relationship between the people or objects in the different groups
  5. Lurking Variable
    Variable that affects the response you are studying but is not included in your analysis
  6. Standard Error
    How much the sample means vary in repeated samples of the same size from the same population
  7. Alternative Hypothesis
    Situation in which is null hypothesis is false
  8. Levene Test, t-test p-value <0.05
    Examine the t-test results with equal variances not assume
  9. Levene Test, t-test p-value >0.05
    Examine the t-test results with equal variances assumed
  10. Sampling Distribution
    One distribution randomly selected from many possible distributions
  11. Constant Variance
    Another way of saying that the population variance is the same for all cells
  12. Sample
    Subset of a population
  13. Parameter
    Some numeric characteristics of a population such as the mean
  14. Independent
    Menas that knowing the value of one of the variables for a case tells you nothing abut the value of another variable
  15. Least-Square Regression Line
    Means that of all the possible lines that can be drawn on the plot, line B has the smallest sum of squared vertical distances between the points and the line
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