Plant Families

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  1. 4 petals and 6 stamens (4 tall & 2 short)
    Silique with clear middle membrane
    Inflorescence always a raceme spiraling around the axis stalk
    Brassicaceae- Mustard Family

    Ex. Genera: Brassica (Mustard), Erysimum (Wall Flower), Lepidium (Pepperweed)
  2. Square stalks, Simple, Opposite leaves, Often aromatic
    5 fused petals, 2 up and 3 down, Irregular flowers, 4 stamens, 1 pair longer
    Fruit a capsule with 4 nutlets
    Lamiaceae- Mint Family

    Ex. Genera: Agastache (Giant hyssop), Marrubium (Horehound), Coleus, Rosmarinus (Rosemary)
  3. Compound umbels, usually with hollow flower stalks
    5 petals, 5 stamens & a 2 celled ovary
    Apiaceae- Parsley Family

    Ex. Genera: Cicuta (Water hemlock), Apium (Celery), Daucus (Wild carrot)
  4. Flower with banner, wings and keel. Pea-like pods, often with pinnate leaves.
    Fabaceae- Pea Family

    Ex. Genera: Lotus (Trefoil), Pisum (Garden pea), Glycine (Soybean)
  5. Flowers with parts in 3's. Sepals and petals identical.
    Parallel leaf veins.
    6 stamens some may lack anthers.
    Stigma 3 parted
    Liliaceae- Lily Family

    Ex. Genera: Hemerocallis (Day lily), Lilium (Lily), Calochortus (Mariposa lily)
  6. 5 seperate petals and a column of stamens. Mucilaginous texture in leaves when crushed.
    Malvaceae- Mallow Family

    Ex. Genera: Gossypium (Cotton), Sphaeralcea (Globe mallow), Abelmoschus (Okra)
  7. Composite flowers in disk-like heads.
    Disk flowers have 5 fused petals, Ray flower's petals are fused and lay off to one side.
    May have only disk, only ray or both
    Asteraceae- Aster Family

    Ex. Genera: Taraxacum (Dandelion), Helianthus (Sunflower), Solidago (Goldenrod)
  8. Horizontal branching stems above or below ground.
    Send up erect shoots of up to a foot tall that produce unisexual spores.
    Lycopodiaceae- Club Moss Family

    Ex. Genera: Lycopodium (Club moss)
  9. Small leaves arranged in four rows. Leaves have vestigial scale-like appendage.
    Produces both male and females spores which are fertilized on the plant before dropping.
    Selaginellaceae- Spike Moss Family

    Ex. Genera: Selaginella (Resurrection plant)
  10. Cones and needles
    One genera has 1-5 needles wrapped in a thin membrane called a folicle
    One genera is usually bright green with deciduous needles arranged in a spiral at the branch buds
    One genera usually has sharp, pointed needles
    One genera has soft, "furry" needles
    One genera has tridents on the cones
    One genera has short flat, blunt needles attached to a small stem
    Pinaceae- Pine Family

    Ex. Genera: Pinus (Pine), Abies (Fir), Larix (Tamarack), Picea (Spruce), Pseudotsuga (Douglas fir), Tsuga (Hemlock)
  11. Trees with aromatic wood with small scaly leaves and seperate male and female cones.
    Cupressaceae- Cypress or Cedar Family

    Ex. Genera: Calocedrus, Chamaecyparis,
  12. Very tall and semi-deciduous, though appearing evergreen.
    Ex: Sequoias, Redwoods etc.
    Taxodiaceae- Bald Cypress Family
  13. Conifer-like branches and red or green berry like fruit, called aril.
    Taxaceae- Yew Family
  14. Ephedraceae- Mormon Tea Family
  15. Trees with opposite leaves and winged seeds in pairs
    Aceraceae- Maple Family
  16. Trees with opposite palmate leaves and large seeds with an "eye"
    Aesculaceae- Buckeye Family
  17. Monocot flowers with parts in threes and numerous simple pistils
    Alismataceae- Arrowhead Family
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