History Honors: Ch. 11 Section 1 & 2

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  1. Stalemate
    A deadlock which neither side is able to defeat the other.

    France would remain almost unchanged for 4 years.
  2. Zeppelin
    Large gas filled balloons, to bomb the english coast.

    Germany where the first to use this in 1915
  3. U-Boats
    Submarines proved much more important.

    U-boats was the nicknamed the german word for submarine, Unterseeboat, did tremendous damage to the allied side.

    Sinking merchant ships carrying vital supplies to Brotain.
  4. Entente
    France and Russia formed an alliance.

    In 1904, France and Britain signed an entente

    A nonbiding agreement to follow the common policies.

    Though not as formal as a treaty, the entente led to close military and diplomatic ties.

    Britain later signed a similar agreement with Russia. When war began, these powers became known as allies.
  5. Militarism
    The glorification of the military, also helped to feed the arms race.

    Young men dreamed of being in the military

    Militarist tradition painted war in romantic colors.
  6. Alsace and Lorraine
    The french were bitter about their 1871 defeat in the Franco-Prussian War and yearned to recover the lost border province.
  7. Ultimatum
    Final set of demands.

    Austria sent Serbia a sweeping ultimatum.
  8. Mobilize
    Preparing its military forces for war.

    On august 1, Germany responded by declaring war on Russia.

    When this plea failed, Russia began to moiblize
  9. Neutrality
    A policy of supprting neither side in a war.

    Britain had the to decide quickly whether or not to supportits ally France.

    Then, Germanys war plans suddenly made the decision for britain.
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