Financial Chapter 9

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  1. table
    An orderly listing of data.
  2. grouped frequency distribution
    a table that displays the number of times observed grouped data fall within specified classes.
  3. component bar chart
    A bar chart that combines the component values from 2 or more data sets into a single set of bars and indicates the %age of the total attributable to ea set.
  4. histogram
    A bar chart showing grouped data; ea bar represents a different class of data.
  5. pictograph
    A picture or symbol used instead of bars to represent the data values in a bar chart.
  6. flow chart
    A graphic representation of a sequence of activities and decisions.
  7. Gantt chart
    A graphical scheduling tool that separates projects into critical activities and plots starting and ending dates for each activity.
  8. program evaluation and review technique (PERT) netowrk
    A project scheduling tool that helps shorten the length of time needed to complete large, complex projects.
  9. dashboard
    In a business context, an info system app that combines performance info from multiple sources into a single, easy to read format.
  10. balanced scorecard
    A strategic performance management tool used to monitor a co's performance in key areas.
  11. Objectives: Explain the primary benefits of using tables to present data
  12. Objectives: Describe the different ways tables can be organized.
  13. Describe the 3 primary types of charts insurance co's use to display data, and the benefits they offer.
  14. Explain how insurers use flow charts, Gantt charts, and PERT networks to manage projects.
  15. Describe how ins co's can use dashboards and balanced scorecards to manage business performance.
  16. Describe situations where tables, charts and graphs can present deceptive info and identify ways to avoid these problems.
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