Financial Chapter 11

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  1. fact
  2. inference
  3. inferential statistics
  4. law of large numbers
  5. probability sampling
  6. simple random sampling
  7. random number generator
  8. systematic random sampling
  9. stratified random sampling
  10. nonprobability sampling
  11. sample errors
  12. statistical validity
  13. trend analysis
  14. variable
  15. independent variable
  16. dependent variable
  17. point estimate
  18. range estimate
  19. OBJECTIVES: Describe how the law of large numbers affects the value of conclusions based on sample data.
  20. OBJECTIVES: Describe the 3 primary forms of probability sampling and identify the strengths and limitations of each form.
  21. OBJECTIVES: Describe siTuations in which nonprobability sampling is, and is not, appropriate for insurers.
  22. OBJECTIVES: Identify some of the actions insurers can take to reduce various forms of sampling bias.
  23. OBJECTIVES: Describe how sample values differ from population values and explain how insurers can improve the statistical validity and accuracy of sample results.
  24. OBJECTIVES: Explain how identifying trends in population data can help ins co's make decisions about products and markets.
  25. OBJECTIVES: Describe the 3 primary elements of a financial model and explain how insurers can use modeling to forecast future financial conditions.
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Chapter 11: Analyzing Sample Data
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