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  1. Filippo Brunelleschi, Pazzi Chapel, S Croce, Florence, begun 1440.
  2. K. Heinzelmann and K Roritzer, choir of St Lorenz, Nuremberg, Germany, begun 1439.
  3. Brunelleschi, Foundling Hospital, Florence, designed 1419, built 1421-44.
  4. Masaccio, Holy Trinity, 1425. Fresco 6,67×3,17m. S Maria Novella, Florence
  5. Masaccio, Tribute Money, c. 1427. Fresco (after restoration 1989). 2,54×5,9m. Brancacci Chapel, S Maria del Carmine, Florence.
  6. Masaccio, Expulsion from Eden, c. 1427. Fresco (after restoration 1989). Brancacci Chapel, S Maria del Carmine, Florence.
  7. Lorenzo Ghiberti, Porta del Paradiso, 1424-52. Bronze parcel-gilt, about 5,2m high. Baptistery, Florence.
  8. Lorenzo Ghiberti, detail of the Story of Jacob and Esau, centre-left panel, Porta del Paradiso, 1424-52. Bronze, parcel-gilt, 39×26cm. Baptistery, Florence.
  9. Jacopo della Quercia, St. Lawrence, detail of Trenta altar, 1416-22. Figure 1,16m high. S Frediano, Lucca.
  10. Jacopo della Quercia, Expulsion from Paradise, c. 1430. Istrian stone, 86,4×68,6cm. Detail of main portal, S Petronio, Bologna.
  11. Jan van Eyck, Adam and Eve, completed 1432. Tempera and oil on panel, each panel 204×32cm. St Bravo, Ghent, Belgium.
  12. Jan van Eyck, Madonna of Chancellor Rolin, c. 1433-34. Oil on panel, 66×61,9cm. Louvre, Paris.
  13. Hubert and Jan van Ecyk, Ghent altarpiece (closed), completed 1432. Tempera and oil on panel, 3,35×2,29m. St. Bravo, Ghent.
  14. Hubert and Jan van Eyck, Ghent altarpiece (open), completed 1432. Tempera and oil on panel, 3,35×4,57m. St Bravo, Ghent.
  15. Rogier van der Weyden, Portrait of a Lady, c. 1455. Oil on panel, 36,8×27,3cm. National gallery of art, Washington DC.
  16. Petrus Christus, Portrait of a Carthusian, 1446. Tempera ans oil on panel (restored), 29,2×20,3cm. Metropolital Museum of Art, New York.
  17. Dirc Bouts, Visitation, c. 1445-50. Oil on panel 80×56cm. Prado, Madrid.
  18. Hugo van der Goes, Portinari Altarpiece (open): the Nativity between the Donors and their Patron Saints, c. 1476. Oil on panel, centre, 2,53×3,04m, wings, 2,53×1,41m. Uffizi, Florence.
  19. Michelozzo, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, Florence, begun 1444.
  20. Interior courtyard, house of Jacques Coeur, Bourges, France, 1443-51.
  21. Michelozzo, Cortile of Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, Florence.
  22. Leon Battista Alberti, S Francesco, Rimini, begun 1450.
  23. Circle of Piero della Francesca, An ideal Town, mid 15th century. Oil on panel, 59,7×200,6 cm. Palazzo Ducale, Urbino.
  24. The loggia, Palazzo Ducale, Urbino, late 15th century.
  25. Donatello, St. George, c. 1415-17. Marble, about 2m high. Orsanmichele, Florence.
  26. Donatello, Equestrian Monument to Gattamelata, 1445-50. Bronze about 3,4×4m. Piazza del Santo, Padua.
  27. Donatello, Lamentation over the Dead Christ, 1460-66. Bronze, about 1,4m wide. S Lorenzo, Florence.
  28. Antonio del Pollaiuolo, Hercules and Antaeus, c. 1475. Bronze, about 46cm high. Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence.
  29. Antico, Venus Felix, c. 1500. Bronze, parcel-gilt and inlaid with silver, 32cm high. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.
  30. Desiderio da settignano, Monument to Carlo Marsuppini, begun c. 1453. Marble 6,01×3,58m. S Croce, Florence.
  31. Desiderio da Settignano, Bust of a lady, c. 1460-4. Marble, 52,2cm high. Staatliche Museen, Berlin.
  32. Andrea del Verrocchio, Madonna and Child, c. 1470-80. Terracotta partially painted, 86×66cm. Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence.
  33. Luca della Robbia, Madonna and child, c. 1455-60. Enamelled terracotta, 1,83m in diameter. Orsanmichele, Florence.
  34. Guido Mazzoni, Lamentation, 1477-80. Terracotta, life size. S Giovanni Battista, Modena.
  35. Fra Angelico, Annuncation, c. 1440-45. Fresco, 1,87×1,57m. S Marco, Florence.
  36. Paolo Uccello, The Flood, c. 1445-7. Fresco, 15m wide. Chiostro Verde, S Maria Novella, Florance.

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