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  1. 2 Inhalational Anesthetics?
    • NO
    • Halothane-sevuflurane, Desflurane
  2. What is MAC?
    Minimal alveolar concentration that produces effects in 50 % of pts
  3. What has a lower MAC, NO or Halothane?
  4. What is the Blood/gas coefficeint?
    proportion of the gas bound to albumin in blood compared to the free amount of it in the CNS
  5. NO or halothane has a lower Blood/gas coefficeint?
  6. A low Blood/gas coefficeint means what?
    rapid induction and recovery from anesthesia
  7. Where do anethetics redistribute and may cause side effects after the anesthetic wears of?
  8. S/E of Halothane?
    • hepatitis
    • malignant hypertension
    • Cardiac arrythmias
  9. What are the 5 IV anesthetics?
    • Thiopental-barb
    • Midazolam-benzo
    • Propofol--GABAa agonist
    • Fentanyl/Morphine-opiod
    • Ketamine-NMDA antagonist
  10. How is Propofol better than other IV anesthetics?
    • less nausea
    • anti-emetic
  11. How is fentanyl better than other IV anethetics?
    • it is an anesthetic
    • it is an analgesic
  12. 2 families of Local anesthetics?
    • esters--allergies bc they are PABA derivative
    • Amide--depend on liver for metabolism
  13. Which local anesthetic depends on liver metabolism?
    • Amide with 2 I's
    • Lidocaine
    • Mepivacaine
    • Bupivacaine
  14. Local anesthetics preferentially attack which fibers?
    small or large myelinated fiber? Myelinated or unmyelinated?
    • small myelinated -pain is lost first
    • Type B and C
  15. Local anesthetics must be given with what to ensure its not absorbed systemically?
    alpha 1 agonist such as epinephrine
  16. Which local anesthetic causes CVS toxicity?
    • bupivacaine
    • cocaine
  17. Which anethetic produces dissociative anesthesia?
  18. WHich anesthetic increases cerebral blood flow?
    decreases cerebral blood flow?
    • Ketamine
    • Thiopental
  19. Anesthetic choice in kids?
  20. Local anesthetics need what pH to be absorbed?
  21. Local anesthetics work on what kind of sodium channels? activated or inactivated?
  22. 2 types of skeletal muscle relaxants?
    Rx for overdose?
    • depolarizing-non competitive-succinylcholine--i]
    • nondepolarizing- competitive-curare
    • cholinesterase inhibitors
  23. To how many locations does ach bind to in Nicotinin muscarinic receptor?
    How many molecules of curare are needed?
    • 2
    • 1
  24. endings of non depolarizing skeletal muscle relaxants?
  25. Depolarizing-competitive skeletal muscle relaxant?
    what are the 2 phases?
    • succinylcholine
    • phase I--depolarizing
    • phase II-desensitization
  26. 2 centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxants?
    • benzodiazapine- GABAa receptors
    • Baclofen-GABAb receptors
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