language arts

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  1. what is a root?
    not a full word
  2. root: aqua
    meaning: water
  3. root: ami
    meaning: love
  4. root: bio
    meaning: life
  5. root: hemo
    meaning: blood
  6. root: geo
    meaning: earth
  7. root: vita
    meaning: life
  8. what is a suffix?

    pre= fix=
    placed before a base word or root word

    pre=before fix=attach
  9. prefix: anti
    meaning: against
  10. prefix: inter
    meaning: between
  11. prefix: poly
    meaning: many
  12. prefix: homo
    meaning: the same
  13. prefix: pseudo
    meaning: false
  14. prefix: trans
    meaning: across
  15. what is a suffix?
    the ending that fallows a root word
  16. what is a suffix capable of changing in a word?
    parts of speach
  17. suffix: ology
    meaning: study of
  18. suffix: ism
    meaning: belief in
  19. suffix: cide
    meaning: killing
  20. suffix: or, er
    meaning: demonstration
  21. suffix: phobia
    meaning: fear of
  22. suffix: kenisis
    meaning: movement
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