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  1. antwone fisher: Love interest in the movie

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    combined 3 women
  2. Where does the title "Passing Strange" come from?
    • -From Shakespeare's Othello
    • -Means more strange than normal
  3. Where did antwone fisher work?
    -security guard for Sony
  4. Why did antwone fisher turn down Sony?
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    Because he wanted to write the screenplay
  5. what did antwone fisher suffer from?
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  6. Virtousity
    exceptionally talented
  7. Nikilo Pagnini
    • -Maybe league with devil
    • -one of the first rock stars
    • -wrote a set of 24 caprice:short, momentary; solo violon
  8. franz liszt
    • -gettin bitches, took it to the piano
    • -Image: long skinny arms w/devils tail
    • -Wrote "la Campanella" as a lower of pagnini

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  9. Where does Stu come from?
    south central
  10. Passing strange can be viewed as?
    -autobiographical of Stu
  11. Mr. franklin
    • -mediator in the story
    • -minister's son
    • -gets them into drugs
  12. Stu's band
    • Scareotypes
    • -punk
  13. what does stu say about punk music?
    they can't play, but can play 3 chords
  14. the baptist fashion show
    -stu having a conversion experience
  15. robert redford
    started sundance film institute
  16. Where does Stu travel?
    • europe;
    • 1.Berlin, Gemrany
    • 2. Amsterdam, Holland
  17. Whats happens in Berlin,Germany?
    • -Political freedom
    • -they say he's not gangster enough
  18. What happens in Amsterdam, Holland?
    • -Sexual freedom
    • -"Just had sex": operatic cortet
  19. How does the narrator talk in Passing strange?
    -talks in rhymes, easy to remember, audience is involved
  20. Stu's music education?
  21. Where is Heidy from?
  22. what did Heidy decscribe herself as in high school?
  23. The Negro Problem dealt with
    • - slaves
    • - freedom; vote
    • - migration
  24. what's the easiest instrument to play in a punk band?
  25. Stu's position: smartness
    • -age gives us eperience
    • -have you learned from those experiences
  26. where is antwone fisher from?
  27. who was antwone fisher's real role model?
    teacher in elementary, Denzel Washington was onnly minor
  28. How long did it take antwone fisher to write his story?
    10 years
  29. what company took antwone fisher's story?
    20 century fox
  30. what did cowbell's remind antwone fisher of?
    His friend's death
  31. shlomo mintz
    • -violinist virtuoso
    • -fast fingers
  32. jascha heifetz
    • -Taught at UCLA
    • -Glisando: sliding
    • -Harmonics: playing notes higher than
    • - great violinist
  33. trills
    alternation between two adjacent notes
  34. Johannes Brahms
    a German composer and pianist
  35. Sergei Rachmaninoff
    • Russian composer, pianist, and conductor
    • -Piano and orchestra
    • -18th variation: inverted
  36. Jimmy hendrix
    • -Woodstock 1970
    • -Performed "Star Spangled Banner", distorted
    • -Commenting about Vietnam War and African Americans
    • -100 amplifiers/speaker:Marshall stack
  37. what is the Pipa made of?
    Rose wood
  38. how many strings does the pipa have?
    • 4 strings
    • -ADEA
  39. what is the order that she plays the Pipa?
  40. How many fretz does the pipa have?
  41. tremelo
    fast repetition on one note
  42. when wu man auditioned at the conservatory
    • -Performed the "Dance of Yi People", which was not allowed beacuse of revolution
    • -played on radion, and pipa became popular
  43. Culturally, the pipa would be considered
    trickle down
  44. The pipa is played on what scale?
    pentatonic scales
  45. Natasha
    • -Performed "La Campanella"
    • -piece written in 1850s
    • -too many notes/sec
    • -fast, faster, fastest
  46. Tarantelle
    • Dance the last movement
    • -Dance to death
    • -from sicily, Italy
    • 1. Bitten by tarantula
    • 2. Hysteria; Women who get hysterical
  47. Slacking off
    • -mimics professor (wig)
    • -has truth in it
    • -ironic because it was dead on point
  48. History of Hip Hop
    • -own version of history of hip-hop
    • -prove urself to make our dance team
  49. Poetry From the soul
    -Horse; pinata
  50. Just because I am
    • -american idol auditions
    • -Baby by Justin bieber
  51. Life's parody
    • - NBA lockout
    • - using extreme:NBA dude begging
  52. Stereotypes
    • - full of truth
    • - country music
    • -Rebbeca Sklude
  53. Look at me what
    • - white girl rapping fast
    • - had alot of time during finals week
  54. Bruinwalk
    • -four girls who made fun of flyer passes on bruin walk
    • -dancers
  55. Hell of an African college student
    • - born in nigeria
    • - challenges of a ucla student being from Nigeria
    • - girl wants to be an art major but father is not pleased
    • - she came back to her roots
  56. Cross Campus love
    • great ending
    • -guy carries girl
  57. Wizard of Ucla
    • -good ending
    • -worked hardest than any other group
  58. Revamping emotions
    • -girl can really sing
    • - guy problems
  59. islamophobia
    • - girl read a poem;
    • imma person not a terrorist
    • -least exaggeration
  60. Work in progress
    • - pictures on screen that matched the words
    • -coordinated in real time
    • -used art from class: scrabang
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