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  1. Mcneils 3 fundemental innovations
    Beaurocratic government(a complex government, multiple layers ie. President sec. Of state) alphabetic wriing ( you could ommunicte with wriing) portable religion( was easy to spreadbkn the idea of heaven, andthat we are all the same)
  2. Why do societis and empires break down?
    Eventually it gets to big and there aren't enough funds to keep it going
  3. Geography, what kindbof landscape people lives in
    In the schisian people lived in an isolated valley to stay safe. Many villages and cities were cntered around rivers (yellow, and yangZi) for water etc.
  4. What are the two rivers we focused on called?
    Yellow( which brought silt called loess) and the yangzi
  5. What is china proper?
    Historic china
  6. Who goes where and why
    The yangshao lived in underground, it kept them hidden and it kept the air cool
  7. What.did pottery styles reveal about the culture
    It revealed how developed the culture was
  8. The xia dynasty
    Nobody really knows if it is real(no written reords)
  9. Why was important about the Shang dynasty?
    They used oracle bones they were Also the first documented dynasty
  10. What were oracle bones?
    Shoulder bones or any other flat large bones that oracles drilled heated ironinto to make be bone crack, the oracle then read the cracks and predicted what would happen to the village if we dis this, or how many people we should bring into battle
  11. Palace architecture
    Walled in citys pretty much many people lived inside
  12. The rise of the Zhou
    The Zhou began to advance on the Shang but so slowly thatbthe Shang dint notice. Thi took years the Zhou finally crossed the river dividing them and took over
  13. Why did the Hou do this?
    Becuase the Shangs village was beginning to be bad, he Zhou assumed that heir mandate of heaven (the all powerful being hives the citie or culture he power to stay in control or stay organized) was taken away
  14. Confucianism 5 relationships
    • 1. Ruler to subject
    • 2. Father to son
    • 3. Husband to wife
    • 4. Older bro to little bro
    • 5. Friend to friend
  15. How many warring states were there?
  16. Who was the first emporer of china and what did he do?
    Emporer qin shi huang he brought together all the warring states and united china
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